Dail Up is Torture

I’m so far behind, and for that…I apologize profusely!
Family, friends, and darling grandchildren have consumed
my time (and to be honest, I wouldn’t have had it any other way),
but I haven’t gotten any work done on my blog. 
I had hoped to get all 12 Days of Christmas posted by now, along with
choosing and contacting recent winners, and posting previous winners. 
Alas it didn’t happen *sigh*!
I’m at my parents today, and they have dial up – yes it still exists.
Absolute torture – so, I’ve decided to just relax,
and enjoy the time that I have with them,
and catch up when I get back home late tomorrow evening,
and on Saturday.
Will you please forgive me?

Dail Up is Torture

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0 thoughts on “Dail Up is Torture

  1. I so know that it is torture. That's what we have. If I start a campaign for dropping the land phone and switching over, I think it will take two years. My husband only uses the computer for solitare and the news!

    Carol Wong

  2. Family and friends are far more important than any blog. Treasure the time you have with them and forget about the computer for a while!

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