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How Do You Define Comfort At Home?

Don’t you want to sit at home, among the people you love, with a warm and friendly bubble of happiness growing in your tummy? You know, that sensation of feeling at one with the house you live in? The feeling of a comfortable home that has everything you need. While this sounds appealing, there is only one little hiccup. What does comfort mean? For some, comfort is about developing a cozy feeling at home with your friends and family. For others, it is about keeping your home up-to-date with all the necessary equipment. Finally, for others, a comfort home is a home they can identify with; it’s a home that matches their personality. With all these different definitions of comfort, it’s time to dive in and find out which comfort turn your house into a home sweet home.

A Sense Of Coziness

For the past few winters, we’ve discovered a new word that defines coziness as perfectly as a melting marshmallow into a cup of hot chocolate. It’s the Danish word, Hygge (which is pronounced hooga). Hygge goes far beyond that the standard meaning we give to a cozy home. It is about, sharing the pleasure of the little things in a warm and natural environment. In the Danish mind, cozy is a state of mind that you can only reach if you are happy in your body and your mind. In short, it goes a little further than just having found a huge and soft cushion to put behind your back on the sofa. A hygge home is a home of warmth, people, and yummy treats.

A Living Room To Bring People Together

In the world of hygge, the living room becomes your main room, as it is the place where people can get together. Consequently, it is essential to make the most of it to create a sense of natural and comfortable togetherness. In other words, what is the best hygge living room décor? You will need to focus on sitting possibilities that erase the boundaries between people: Couch or huge bean bags are great examples, and they should be preferred over chairs, for example. Additionally, using candlelight or even an open fire in winter creates a warm and intimate ambiance that is ideal for a family or friend reunion. If you can’t use any of these, soft lighting will do the trick too! Finally, keep the décor simple: A rug to cover the floor and a few blankets on the side for the cold nights, it’s all you need to make it work.

Comfort At Home

A Kitchen That Brings Back Your Childhood’s Memories

The beauty of hygge is that it goes beyond your décor to include feelings and sensory discovery too. As a result, it’s difficult to imagine a cozy hygge home if there is no delicious, sweet treat that keeps you coming back! Picture the smell of a warm pie that has just been taken out of the oven, floating gently into each room of the house. Or a plate of gooey chocolate cookies that look just like the ones your grandmother used to bake when you were a child. Do you feel yourself salivating in advance? That’s the feeling! Your cozy home starts in the kitchen. Only the smell of something delicious prepared with love can fill you with happiness. So get your recipe book and create your hygge sensation.

The Charm of Simple Things

A cozy hygge home is not a place of sophisticated décor and mannerism. It’s a place ruled by the pleasure of the simple things of your childhood. From watching the fire in the chimney in winter to cuddling to each other in front of the TV, simple things make the world go round in the hygge world. They are everything that adulthood can take away from you if you don’t pay attention: Laughing with friends, chatting for hours, and sharing a cup of hot chocolate before going to bed, that’s what it is about. Sometimes remembering what matters in life is worth all the gold in the world. And that’s what your cozy Danish interior does for you. It erases the background noise that everyday life creates around people and highlights the most important in life: Your loved ones.

A Geeky Home For Me

Not every homeowner dreams of a hygge home. For some, a home that is stripped of all technology is a nightmare. If you too have a demanding inner geek at the back of your mind who complains at the prospect of cleaning the fireplace once it’s been used, or who would rather order cookies to be delivered rather than bake them, then you need a gadget-savvy home. With technology as an integral part of their life, find it difficult to feel at ease in a home that doesn’t use high-tech gadgets to make life better and easier. From everyday needs to all the little extra things you wouldn’t think about, gadgets are invaluable treasures for a geek at heart. There are several ways to make the most of tech and geek items in your home. Contrary to the common belief, a gadget doesn’t have to look like it’s something that comes out of a Star Trek episode. Not everything has to feel sci-fi to be a useful gadget.

Always The Right Temperature

If you are choosing to use technology to improve your home, you should focus your attention on improving the solutions that keep your home at the right temperature. Indeed, the most common complaint in lesser modern homes is about temperature: It’s too cold in winter and too hot in summer. It’s not the kind of thing that you want to be worried about in a geek home. Using sensors to monitor the temperature, you can find effective heating and AC solutions – if you are ready to look for suppliers, HVAC Zoning Supply offers great smart tech to control the temperature – to keep the room cozy and the energy bills low. In our modern age, is there still room for a manual temperature regulating system? Listen to your geek heart: The answer is no!

The Right Gadget For The Job

Sometimes the right gadget doesn’t have to be digital. It’s about having the right item for the job. In the geek world, a gadget is a smart tool that makes your life easier, whether it is a digital heating control or an adjustable pivot table to work in bed – admittedly the table to work in bed is specifically designed for people with chronic health issues, but it’s what makes it a fantastic gadget because it works wonders. In a world of gadgetry, it’s good to find out the right tool for the job, regardless how extraordinary your situation might be. As a result, a geek home offers a lot of interesting items that you may not find anywhere else – and that you may need to hunt down for a very long time too!

At The Touch Of A Screen

But if you are a geek and gadget advocate, it’s likely that you will want solutions that you can control directly from your smartphone – which is, after all, a multifunction gadget of great brilliance. From switching your temperature via an app to controlling the lighting in the home, there are plenty of tools that can turn your phone into a life organizer. The perfect is a lover of apps: Imagine yourself sitting down on the sofa and ordering food, dimming the light and turning the TV on at the touch of a screen. It’s not sci-fi. It’s right here and now if you’ve got the right tools.

My Homemade Nest

Finally, for some homeowners, it’s not about the tech or the coziness, it’s about feeling that the place is yours. It’s about identifying with the place you live in and being able to recognize yourself in its décor and atmosphere. If you prefer to invest time in making your home fully yours, you are a nest builder.

Your Very Own Décor

There is no denying that creating your own décor is not a case of vanity. It’s preparing your surrounding for happiness. Decorating can be truly life-enhancing: It adds colors to your background, and it genuinely brings joy. There’s a reason why kids have colorful bedrooms: It’s because they intuitively know that colors develop creativity and enhances positive emotions. Unfortunately, most adults forget about the sense of fun of their younger self. As a personal decorator, you can dive into the rediscovery of your childhood playfulness and recreate it at home.

The Pride Of Making It

Comfort At Home

There is finally a sense of ownership that comes with creating your interior décor. When you go down to the DIY aspect of home décor, you create a deeper bond with your home. It becomes a nest that you build, a project at a time. Whether you choose to paint the walls, to build a small cabinet, or to place new tiles in the bathroom, you are the one in charge. You become the master of all things. You make the things look pretty in a new way. So you can sit back proudly, at the end of the day, with your feet on the table and a warm cup of coffee in your hands, and say “I’ve made this”. A décor that is completely yours, and a home that matches your personality, that’s what you’ve created.


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  • Great post! Coziness for me means having photos of family on the walls, warm earth tone colors, plants, cleanliness and pleasant scents.


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