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Fall into Red with Monroe and Main Colors of the Season #MMColorConfidence + $125 Giveaway

Color Confidence

Fall will be here before you know it and that means fabulous bursts of the rich Colors of the Season :  Cobalt blue skies, Orange hued sunsets, Merlot grapes on the vine, Aubergine eggplants ready to harvest and the passion of RED. I’ve never ventured into a lot of red clothing and accessories, so I decided that it was time to do so.


Monroe and Main #MMColorConfidence made it easy peasy!



Clothing and accessories in all the colors of the season abound.  I found this adorable Canvas Porkpie Hat, and used that as my starting point.  I then added a Leopard Print Woven Scarf along with a Fortune Cookie Handbag. I already had the Stand By Me sweater in RED, but thought that it might be too much, so I opted for getting another one in black. I also had a pair of red shoes, and treated myself to a manicure…and voila!




The hat is so much fun, and so is the scarf.  Mix them together and throw in a pair of Sock Monkey Slippers, and this is what you get!

#MMColorConfidence Collage

If red isn’t your thing, then why not think about one of the other color options! There are so many items to choose from.  Hats, sweaters, tops and shoes.  Handbags, dresses, pants and jewelry. Which color appeals to you the most?  Are you a rich Merlot, and warm Orange, cool Cobalt, or maybe a deep Aubergine? Do you have a favorite item?

mm-fall-Merlotmm-fall-Orange mm-fall-Cobaltjpg mm-fall-Aubergine

Now after you’ve checked out all the colorful offerings at Monroe and Main, don’t forget to enter the giveaway.  It’s valued at over $125! And even better…you can enter 25 times. 25 confident bloggers sharing 25 ideas on how to add color PLUS 25 colorful prizes & 25 chances to win! The prize package contains:

  • Lulu’s Satchel Bag (Teal)
  • Color Hoops in (Yellow)
  • Diamond Paisley Scarf (Multi-Colored)
  • Gold Wide Band Cuff

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MM FAll Collage

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Fall into Red with Monroe and Main Colors of the Season #MMColorConfidence + $125 Giveaway

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64 thoughts on “Fall into Red with Monroe and Main Colors of the Season #MMColorConfidence + $125 Giveaway

  1. I am loving the Warm Me Up Sweater Duster! I like it because it is very slimming, and I really like all the colors!

  2. ok I picked the Lace Trim Cascade Twin Set
    1. because I think it is cute
    2. because I alway where turquoise and I’m trying to step out of the box with
    3. because I think I could were this going out to a nice dinner or getting food.
    4. becuase I could throw on some turquoise necklace and still wear turquoise.
    5. I just like it

  3. I love their tip secretstrategy # 31 to use the color wheel. select colors opposite each other for a dramatic take-notice effect!

  4. I read Slimming strategies: How to use colors to appear thinner. I learned ladies with smaller upper bodies and curvy hips and thighs can balance dark bottoms with brightly colored tops.

  5. I learned that By applying these hues and shades to your wardrobe, you can effectively celebrate the season and look great doing it

  6. I love the article “Introducing the fall 2015 colors”, I am a big fan of merlot color. Little red and burgundy and purple blended.

  7. I learned three things; wearing the right fit boosts confidence, pull colors from patterns, and start in small doses.

  8. I learned that while Aubergine is a popular color for Fall, it is also a strong color. In order to make the most of it, combine it with other colors so that you don’t over do it by overpowering your wardrobe with everything in Aubergine.

  9. My favorite item in the collection is the On My Side top which I think might help camouflage the extra I am unfortunately carrying right now in my waist!

  10. I learned How to Dress Your Body Type: Prints & Colors. This article also contains an infographic which helps show you, by your body shape, which prints or patterns would help highlight or downplay areas on your body. 🙂

  11. I read Color confidence with what you wear funny I love art and use the color wheel often but I really never thought about it when dressing myself….lol I will now! Boom!

  12. I learned that There are 5 fall 2015 colors you’re going to want to try for sure! Discover these colors and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.

  13. I read the Color confidence with what you wear, and i’ve learned that while dark colors certainly do hide bumps and bulges, the fit of the clothes matters more than the hue.

  14. I like the Sporty Hooded Jacket. I really like the cut and color. I think it would be so warm and cozy to wear on a cool fall day.

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