Famous Environmentalists: 5 Environmental Activists You Need to Know

Did you know the last decade has been the warmest on record? Even with this information, politicians haven’t taken climate change seriously.

With this guide, you can learn about famous environmentalists. From their personal achievements to their views on climate change, each takes a different approach to protect the earth. Now let’s take a look at these five environmentalists:

Kallan Benson

As the national coordinator for Fridays For Future USA, she’s helped build a synergetic movement with more than 140 strike communities across the country. She also co-directs Parachutes for the Planet. The campaign encourages participants to express their environmental concerns through art.

At only 15, she, like many of her peers, take climate change as a serious concern. Instead of holding noisy and sometimes out of control protests, she chose to hold a silent strike.

Her advocacy helped secure a fracking ban as well as bills to reduce fossil fuel dependence in Maryland. By being active in her community, Benson has inspired other young activists to follow in her footsteps.

John Paul Jose

As a climate activist, John Paul Jose offers an analysis of the environmental crisis in India. His determination set in when experts announced that there’s only a 12-year window to save the planet.

So he began discussing the impact of India’s forests, which lead to increased support for the cause. Now he even explores connections between sustainable development and food security.

Kate Marvel

Through her tweets, podcasts, and thoughtful blog posts, Kate writes from a scientific point of view. By trying to understand climate change, she hopes to prepare kids for the future.

In 2013, she helped discover that human activity has changed global rainfall. Also, in recent years, she discovered that climate change has affected drought since the early 1900s.

Vic Berrett

As someone who felt the impact of Hurricane Sandy, Vic understands climate change is a serious matter. He spoke at the Conference on Climate Change and marched with more than 400,000 people at the people’s climate march located in New York City. He’s also organized local climate campaigns and lead his peers towards advocating new climate laws.

Recently, Vic joined 21 other youth activists who are suing the government to try and take action on climate change. By being active in the community, Vic wants to spread awareness and provide the public with important information.

Ted Halstead

Ted has founded several non-profit and advocacy organizations, the largest of which is the Climate Leadership Council. The council was established with some of the most popular leaders in business and environmental science. It’s creation promoted thoughts on cost-efficient climate solutions.

Ted has written several books and recently delivered a TED talk on climate change. His TED talk has received more than 1.5 million views and has been given 4.4 thousand likes on YouTube.

Final Thoughts on Famous Environmentalists

Environmentalists help promote public support by leading protests and community campaigns. By taking action, famous environmentalists want to inspire others to fight against climate change.

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