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Father’s Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide 2021

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received products from some of the brands listed below, to facilitate the publication of this Gift Ideas and Buying Guide.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  All opinions stated are those of the author.

We’ve gathered together some great ideas to shower your dad or the “dad” in your life, with some awesome gifts to let her know just how much he means to you.  Check back often, as we will be adding to the guide over the next week or two.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to give dad and hug and tell him how much he means to you!

Welcome To The Father’s Day Gift Ideas And Buying Guide 2021

Welcome To The Father’s Day Gift Ideas And Buying Guide 2021

Addio Design Co.

I cannot tell you just how thrilled my husband was to receive the Atlas from Addio Design.  We got one in Moon Grey and it matches the bookshelves in his office so well.  It is sort of ingenious!

Addio Design Co.
The Atlas by Addio Design Co.


Info From Addio Design Co.

Addio Design Collective comprises industrial designers, graphic designers, videographers, makers, and marketing professionals.

We bring ideas to reality through the design and development process. We set our intentions to make objects that are beautiful, achievable, functional, and sustainable.

Addio Design Co. Makers of the Atlas. The first dedicated backpack stand designed to hold your bag in a convenient way, so you can easily access, store, and retrieve your items…

…some of us neatly organize our bags, and others throw everything into one pocket, but the common thread is we all love our bags. To us, zipping up our bag means we are going on an adventure. And whether that adventure is to school, the office, or across the globe, it’s an experience worth taking.”

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Talia Di Napoli

Pizza delivery...Talia Di Napoli takes it to a whole new level.  My order arrived in a large foam lined box which contained a “pizza box” of dry ice at the top and bottom with 8 “shrink wrapped flash frozen” pizzas in between.  Each was still icy cold and ready to go straight into my freezer, so that we can enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizza any time we want.  YUM! I received The Novellino Pack. 3x Margherita, 3x Provolina, and 2x Mozzarella pizzas. My first thought was pizza night with the grand kids, but I’ve changed my mind.  These are all designated for date nights at home.

Their website is a thing of beauty…their pizzas are a thing of deliciousness!

Talia Di Napoli

Info from Talia Di Napoli

“The world’s first sleeping pizza has arrived. Born in Napoli from the finest natural Italian ingredients and ancient tradition.

At Talia, we believe beauty, excellence and love are meant to be shared – and what better way to convey love than through pizza? So we set out to create something truly special that would allow the world to try authentic Neapolitan pizza – made in Italy, by master pizzaiolos, using all local, organic ingredients – without ever having to get on an airplane.

Creating the perfect pizza is so much more than just an ancient recipe – it’s about working with the just-right suppliers that care as much about their products as we do. Rather than rely on the expertise of any given merchant, we tirelessly research all suppliers and switch as needed based on seasonality, expertise and region. If we need cherry tomatoes, we’ll go as far south as possible to ensure they are grown in the sun.”

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Groovy Guy Gifts

Love their selection… but especially their bags.  They are really well made, and the option of personalization make them GREAT GIFTS! My husband is thrilled with his Muscle Duffle Bag!

Groovy Guy Gifts Father's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide 2021
Great Gifts for Dad from Groovy Guy Gifts
Dad Bod Shirt from Groovy Guy Gifts
My husband LOVED this – The Dad Bod T-Shirt from Groovy Guy Gifts

Info From Groovy Guy Gifts

“Unique personalized gifts that your man will treasure forever…

After working in the wedding industry for many years we realized there simply weren’t enough readily available good gift ideas out there for guys.  So we decided to create a site offering several unique personalized gifts for men.  A site that is different from the others and offered a wide variety of guy gifts.  Personalization is also our specialty, as we truly believe by engraving a name on the gift, it becomes more meaningful.”

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Happy Father's Day

Fluid Running 

We are now looking forward to the long summer months here in Florida because we can exercise in our son and Daughter-in-laws pool.. I would love for my husband to set a goal of at least 3 evenings a week. My spine specialist highly recommends water therapy, so I know that this will be great for him.  Fluid running supplies everything you need…

“The H2Go System includes the instructional videos, (4) Fluid Running Audio Workouts, a flotation belt, a waterproof (IPX7) Bluetooth headset, and a tether (use optional) to keep you in place.”


Fluid Running Father's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide 2021
Complete Kit from Fluid Running

Info From Fluid Running

“Fluid Running allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of running on land – without the harmful impact because it’s done in the deep water.
Marathon Runners, Fitness Buffs, and people looking for new ways to work out and stay in shape are turning to deep water running. With Fluid Running, it does not matter if you are injured, suffer from chronic pain, are overweight, or are in peak physical condition – everyone has something to gain from adding Fluid Running workouts to their fitness routine.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop Fluid Running: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Happy Father's Day

Manly Man Co.

Just about anyone can tell you that they way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…and his stomach usually calls out for MEAT.  What man could resist a manly Beef Jerky Bouquet in a beer mug vase!  

Manly Man Co.

Infor from Manly Man Co.

“Manly Gifts to Win any Occasion! Beef Jerky Flowers, Bacon Roses, Meathearts™, Meat Cards™ & Manly Gift Sets. Veteran-owned business in California, home to our in-house customer service + fulfillment & certified kitchen.”

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Happy Father's Day Father's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide 2021

The Healing Rose

Give dad the gift of healing this year for Father’s Day.  CBD infused salves, oils, concentrates, soaks, lip balms and more.  Ease muscles, relieve tension and pain, along with promoting sleep. I’ve never gotten a product from The Healing Rose, that I wasn’t 100% thrilled with…not just satisfied with, but thrilled with!  They have a fantastic Father’s Day Bundle on SALE.

The Healing Rose Father's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide 2021


Info From The Healing Rose

“The Healing Rose Company handcrafts cannabinoid-infused topical products in small batches using natural and organic ingredients. We are based in Massachusetts and are working on sourcing all of our healing herbs from New England farms.
The topical application of cannabis does not produce a psychoactive high that most are familiar with from smoking or ingesting. Also, it will not be absorbed into one’s bloodstream. Using topicals has been shown to help with the healing of injuries, pain management, inflammation, relaxation, arthritis, and improving skin health and appearance.
We’ve spent countless hours developing our formulas through extensive research & development, and we do small batches in order to continuously improve our products. We will soon be available in Massachusetts locations!”

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Happy Father's Day


Getting a shipment from eCreamery is even better than taking a trip to the grocery store, or local ice cream parlor! The special occasion gift bundles are a great deal, and so much fun to give. There are 4 Father’s Day ice cream bundles, 3 ice cream and cookie bundles, and 2 cookie bundles…all with special labels, just for dad.  So cute and so DELICIOUS!

 eCreamery Father's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide 2021
Yummy Ice Cream and Cookies for dad from eCreamery

Info From eCreamery

“Gourmet, handcrafted ice cream gifts shipped nationwide! Creative collections with delicious flavors and festive titles for any occasion, whether it’s a holiday like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas, or everyday occasions like Birthday, Get Well, or Thinking of You! Gifts shipped in Styrofoam coolers packed with dry ice delivered right to their door! One of the most unique gifts they will ever receive.”

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Happy Father's Day


Trendhim offers bags, jewelry (necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and watches), suit accessories (such as neckties, bowties, cufflinks, and more), along with hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc.  All in style for the trendy guy on your Father’s Day Gift List!

Bags, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, ties, gloves, and accessories from Trendhim

Info From Trendhim

“Accessories to us are everything a man can wear, except for his clothes. On Trendhim you’ll find everything from watches and leather bags to sunglasses, bracelets, ties and much more.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop Trendhim: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Happy Father's Day



Feltman’s of Coney Island

Oh my gosh, the hot dogs are great, but the burgers…fantastic.  Just like getting them off the grill at a mom and pop diner.  Delicious! I’m also thrilled with the mustard.  Just the right spiciness for sandwiches.  You can’t go wrong.  I want to stock my freezer so I can have some each and every week! Hot Dogs and Burgers from Feltman’s of Coney Island will be just the think for Father’s Day this year, and many years to come.

Feltman's of Coney Island Father's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide 2021
Hot Dogs, Burgers, are more from Feltman’s of Coney Island

Info From Feltman’s of Coney Island

“In 1867 German Immigrant, Charles Feltman invented the hot dog at Coney Island. Feltman’s, the original hot dog is back. Purchase our premium products.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop Feltman’s of Coney Island: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Happy Father's Day

Cooking Borscht

Even if these mixes didn’t taste fantastic (which they DO), they are worth the price just for the beauty of the packaging. My favorite is the Summer Borscht with Bell Peppers. Packages are available to serve 3 or 5.  The 3 serving packages are magnetic and make awesome fridge magnets! All you do is add broth (and meat if you like) and you’ve got BORSCHT. Add Cooking Borscht to your Father’s Day meal this year.

Cooking Borscht Father's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide 2021
Borscht Kits – just add broth – from Cooking Borscht

Info From Cooking Borscht

“Borscht Kit is a unique product that combines authentic Borscht recipes and advanced dehydration and freeze drying technologies. We bring you the way to make traditional tasting Borscht in minutes.

Each Borscht Kit is packed into a beautiful collectible jar for freshness and long shelf life. Just add any type of broth to a Borscht Kit and simmer for 20 minutes and you will get a delicious authentic borscht. It’s that easy!”

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Happy Father's Day


Great products from a company who’s main goal is to GIVE BACK! These awesome pens are perfect for so many situations.  Wake up in the middle of the night and remember something that you need to jot down…but don’t want to have to turn on a light or in a a low light situation?  Need a pen that is sturdy and won’t break easily? How about a multi functional Pen or pen with eraser? This is a way better gift that another necktie!

SKILCRAFT Defender Retractable Ballpoint Pen/Flashlight

SKILCRAFT Luminator Retractable Ballpoint Pen/Flashlight

SKILCRAFT B# Aviator Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Awesome Pens from Alphapointe

Info From Alphapointe

“Alphapointe empowers people with vision loss to achieve their goals and aspirations. We strive to create a world where everyone with vision loss rises to their desired full potential.

Alphapointe is a , not-for-profit 501(c)(3) manufacturing, sales, and service organization that has continued to serve people who are blind and visually impaired in the Kansas City, Missouri community and surrounding region since 1911. Alphapointe is an AbilityOne agency and an affiliate of National Industries for the Blind (NIB).

In addition to our online and on-base office supply stores, our company also includes: Plastics, Office Products, Janitorial Products and Needlecraft Manufacturing, Call Center Services, and Contract Management.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop Alphapointe: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Instagram | YouTube

Happy Father's Day

Epic Water Filters

Give dad the gift of great tasting water that’s been filtered of lots of impurities AND save our planet’s resources. Epic Water Filters offers a line of up pitchers, water bottles, faucet and refrigerator filter systems, along with replacement filters.

Epic Water Filters
OG Special Edition 32 oz Bottle, Replacement Filter, Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher from Epic Water Filters

Info From Epic Water Filters

“Epic Water Filters remove up to 99.99% of contaminants. We sell high-end water filters (with test results) for both indoors and outdoors.
Simple, really. Our multi-patented, supreme-quality, American-made filters are designed by water filtration industry pioneers to bring clean water to the people. Our filters were designed to protect people from the threat of water-borne illness and all the chemical nasties that are found in tap water. Whether you’re traveling in the developing world, or looking to filter your tap water at the gym or office, Epic Water Filters creates water filtration products to fit your life.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop Epic Water Filters: Website | Facebook| Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Happy Father's Day



Family Cookbook Project

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  We have a big family (10 grown children, their spouses, 26 grandchildren and 2 great grands), and I would like to pass down some of our favorite recipes in a form that will be easy for them to use.  A cookbook from the Family Cookbook Project is the perfect solution.  The process is simple, and I’m sure that there are lots of dad that are great cooks, who would be thrilled with a cookbook, or the opportunity to create one!

Family Cookbook Project

Info From Family Cookbook Project

“We help people like you create printed cookbooks filled your favorite recipes, photos and stories to be handed down to future generations. Start your own cookbook project today!

The Family Cookbook Project helps individuals and families collect and preserve the time-honored recipes that are so important to our family traditions. We provide step-by-step instructions and online tools to create a cherished family heirloom to be passed down to future generations. Personalized cookbooks are also used by schools and church groups as important fundraisers. Groups looking to create cookbooks for fundraising efforts, can also check out”

Learn More, Follow and Shop Family Cookbook Project: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Happy Father's Day

Bear Butt

I have a son-in-law and a grandson, who are both…I would almost say…extreme nature enthusiasts.  Sleeping in the woods without a tent.  Hiking miles and miles from civilization.  Bear Butt is just the type of shop that they gravitate too.  Yet, you don’t have to be as adventurous as they are to enjoy their line up of products.  String up one of their awesome hammocks in your back yard, where dad can spend a lazy afternoon reading a book, or taking a well deserved nap!

Bear Butt
Ultralight Single and Double Hammocks, Rain Fly, Bug Net, and Kodiak Straps from Bear Butt

Info From Bear Butt

“At #BearButt, our goal is to make the best outdoor gear so you can enjoy every adventure without compromise.

Who We Are
As huge outdoor enthusiasts and avid campers, we were already massive fans of Bear Butt, of their high quality and ingenuity. So when the opportunity came to take over Bear Butt, it was a no brainer. Imagine having the opportunity to take the lead in something you truly support and believe in. Something in which you consider yourself a loyal fan. That’s exactly what happened.

Since then we’ve continued to grow, propelled forward by our fans and rooted in our core values of superior quality, extreme durability, maximum comfort, great value for money, and 100% customer satisfaction.”

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Happy Father's Day


A gift of health is one of the best gifts of all.  Dad’s aren’t always keen on visiting the doctor on a regular basis. Give your dad or grandpa the Men’s Health & Wellness test from Imaware™.  It offers a broad spectrum of biomarkers to provide a comprehensive view into general wellness.  “He will receive data on his total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides. It also measures overall inflammation with hs-CRP. This test also incorporates a prediabetes screen for HbA1c and fasting glucose. They also screen for prostate cancer (PSA), and check testosterone levels, kidney function, vitamin D, iron levels, and smoke exposure.”

Men’s Health & Wellness from Imaware™

Info From imaware™

“imaware™ is a Texas based digital health platform, offering access to advanced and precise testing that empowers individuals with remote screening and monitoring of their health.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Happy Father's Day



Dads need skincare too!  Zaania offers a collection just for the special guy in your life…but ya know, dad can enjoy a bath bomb too!

Wellness Self Care Gift Set for Him, Bath Bombs, Heal Balm and Soaps from Zaaina

Infor From Zaania

“Zaaina products are 100% pure, natural and free of chemicals and preservatives; Our recipes and ingredients are based on beauty regimen around the world.

Zaaina is an Arizona based manufacturing company, making 100% pure & natural skincare products for men and women. Our products are only made with organic herbs, essential oils & pure butters. We do not use any chemicals, preservatives & artificial ingredients.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop Zaania: Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Happy Father's Day

Lee London

Webcam covers that are little works of art for dads computer, laptop, or tablet. Easy to install and easy to use.

Lee London
Webcam Covers from Lee London

Info From Lee London

“We Humanize Tech.
Our products aspire to empower you to use technology in the way you want. They are designed to give you more control, to make your life easier, and to express yourself through designs that are compelling, playful and at times, even witty.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop Lee London: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest 

Happy Father's Day


The Spice Lab

From specialty salts from all over the world to gift boxed seasonings…The Spice Lab has an awesome lineup for the dad who loves to cook.  If the dad in your life isn’t a cook, then you use the salts and spices to cook for them!

The Spice Lab
Seasonings, and gift sets from The Spice Lab

Info From The Spice Lab

“Custom spice blender, Spices, Seasonings, Organic Spices, Blends, Gourmet Sea Salts. We have a 75,000 Square foot factory, making unique blends. we are SQF certified food facility. we do private label, gifts and house blends.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop The Spice Lab: Website | FacebookInstagram 

Happy Father's Day


Naples Soap Company

Talk about smelling GOOD.  The soaps, shampoo & conditioner bars, shave cream, etc. will leave dad smelling awesome and feeling great.  Check out their Father’s Day Luxe Box, Dad Box, Good Karma Box, Classic Clean & Salt Set, and His Freshest Faves Natural Soaps.

Naples Soap Company
Gifts Sets for Dad from Naples Soap Company

Info From Naples Soap Company

“Premium skin and hair care made with natural and organic ingredients.

Since Naples Soap Co. opened its doors in 2009, people from all over the world have become loyal users of our products for their chronic skin issues. It is my pleasure to share my knowledge and experience. I opened the first store in Naples in 2009 in a 300 sq. ft. space and today we have 10 retail locations in Florida. Our retail and e-commerce operations have expanded and our wholesale operations continue to rapidly expand across the US. We create a beautiful, effective product and the word has spread.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop Naples Soap Company: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Vinmeo

Happy Father's Day

Notes to Self

Hey, we can all use another pair or two of socks…and that includes dad.  Give him some socks that will make his feet feel good, and let him know that he’s a great guy! While you’re at it, pick up a few pair for yourself! Gift sets and socks just for dad or dad to be are available.

Notes to Self
Socks for Dad and Dad to Be from Notes to Self

Notes to Self

Info From Notes to Self

“Since the subconscious is most receptive early in the morning and late at night, I thought, “what if I put positive affirmations on the toes of socks?” 🙂

Notes to self® socks target the subconscious mind – most receptive early in the morning and late at night – improving your thoughts, actions, and performance…assisting you in creating the life of your dreams.”

Learn More, Follow and Shop Notes to Self: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Happy Father's Day

Everlet Charge

OK, raise your had if your dad, husband, brother, uncle, son…has ever gotten upset because his charger has gone missing.  Never again with the Everlet Charge! Get one this year, for every special guy in your life!

Info From Everlet Charge

“No More Missing Charger!

Thanks to Everlet®, the days of lost or forgotten phone chargers are a thing of the past! The innovative, easy-to-use product solves a multitude of phone charging issues by combining the ability to not only charge multiple devices at ONCE but also charges faster than any other product on the market!”

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Everlet Charge: Website | Facebook| Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Happy Father's Day

Underwear Expert

Hey, if you’re underwear isn’t comfortable, life just isn’t right!  Get the guy in your life some great pairs of boxers, briefs, jockstraps, thongs, or trunks from Underwear Expert. The subscription box is the way to go. He will always have comfy underwear with no holes!

Underwear Expert
Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Trunks, and Jockstraps from Underwear Expert

Info From Underwear Expert

“For men who want the best-fitting, best-feeling basics. Combining expert curation + tech to deliver your best comfort.

Founder, CEO and industry-proclaimed expert, Michael Kleinmann, launched the Underwear Expert as a solution for men who weren’t able to find the best fitting, best feeling underwear. Underwear Expert promises to deliver the most comfortable, stylish underwear directly and discreetly to our customer’s door monthly, quarterly – or at a different cadence of his choosing. Expert curated and backed by custom technology, Underwear Expert identifies his favorite style, his ideal fit, for his best comfort to give him that “oh, this is the best underwear I’ve ever worn!” feeling, with every pair.”

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Underwear Expert: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Happy Father's Day


Have dad take the quiz to find the perfect products for his needs. Products for face, body, hair, scent, and collections. Get a gift that dad will use and appreciated.

Gift Sets for Dad from Hawthorne

Info From Hawthorne

“Hawthorne makes it easy to elevate yourself with premium products that work for you as an individual. Take our quick quiz to receive perfectly tailored products for all of your personal care needs or shop our full collection yourself. Either way, you’ll always be looking and feeling your best for whatever comes your way.”

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Hawthorne: Website | Twitter | Instagram 

Happy Father's Day

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