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You know the old saying about snow on the roof, but a fire in the furnace?

Well, it’s true!

Those of us in long committed relationships, are still intimate, but vaginal dryness (which is quite normal as we age, due to lower estrogen levels in our bodies), can put a damper on the mood… K-Y® Liquibeads to the rescue. Personal lubricants are a great way to remedy the problem. They are safe, effective and easy to use.  Unfortunately, they can sometimes be messy.   This is why I love the K-Y® Liquibeads, over other products.

KY Liquibeads 1

K-Y® brand LIQUIBEADS® Vaginal Moisturizer is the first and only K-Y® Brand product in a less mess OVULE® Insert. It begins to dissolve within minutes, gently releasing soothing lubrication, while enhancing comfort to give you the peace of mind to act spontaneously.

The package contains 6 applicators and 6 OVULE® Inserts.

KY LIquibeads 2

The “beads” begin to dissolve, in just minutes, and the effects last night and day..which means that you have the freedom to be spontaneous!


Speaking of being spontaneous (oh, my kids are going to die if they happen to read this post), with a house full of kids,  it wasn’t always easy to keep the sparks flying. Do you remember the Starland Vocal Band’s song, Afternoon Delight?  Well that explains why we have such a large family.  My husband’s office was only about 5 minutes from the house, so he would come home for lunch now and then. The older kids where at school and the younger ones where napping, it was the perfect time to spend a few special minutes together!

Our kids are all grown now (we have 10) and most of them have kids of their own (we have 23 grand kids), but we still spend some delightful afternoons together – only now it’s when one of our grand kids are at school!  Thanks to K-Y® Liquibeads we can still be intimate when the moods strikes

We purchased them at our local Walmart (where we do a lot or our shopping) – they can be found in the pharmacy section.

K-Y®  LIquibeads in the Pharmacy Section
Find K-Y® Liquibeads in the pharmacy section.

 For those of you who are squeamish about this kind of thing (and yes I still am {sigh} which my husband finds hysterical), you might send said husband, or a friend,  to buy them, because they are with the other  “intimacy” products in a locked shelving unit.

K-Y®  Liquibeads in the Pharmacy at Walmart
K-Y® Liquibeads can be found with the other “intimacy” products.

If you’re uncertain about how to use the K-Y ® Liquibeads, you should have no worries.

(Instructions are included in package, with text and line drawings)

You simply open one of the blister packs, by peeling back from one corner.

K-Y®  Liquibeads packet
K-Y® Liquibeads blister pack.

Place the OVULE® Insert into the open end of the applicator.

K-Y®  Liquibeads Applicator 3
K-Y® Liquibeads applicator with OVULE® Insert in place.



Use this applicator just as you would to insert a tampon…

K-Y®  Liquibeads Applicator 1
K-Y® Liquibeads Applicator

Once you’ve inserted the applicator, push the plunger in all the way.  Now the K-Y® Liquibeads OVULE® Insert will be released, and you can remove the applicator.

KY Liquibeads
Warm up your Winter with K-Y® Liquibeads

Ladies,  as far as I’m concerned, this is personal lubricant at it’s best.

 Put a little heat into your winter holidays with the help of K-Y® brand LIQUIBEADS® Vaginal Moisturizer OVULE® Inserts!

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Freedom to be Spontaneous…At Any Age

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30 thoughts on “Freedom to be Spontaneous…At Any Age

  1. These are so convenient and mess free, I wish I’d discovered them much sooner! It’s always nice to have the freedom to be a little more spontaneous in a relationship!

  2. It’s really wonderful that products like this are out there for groups of ALL ages! Sex, while still taboo in our society, is a natural and needed part of everyone’s life so products that make that easier are always welcome 🙂

  3. i think the product is grreat and its safe to use it too. i had a friend who used to use it and gave me some amazing rviews about it. i like the applicator which makes it much more easier to get things done.

  4. You have a LOT of kids! You probably need exactly zero help figuring out how they were made, right? I hope all of your kids read your post, it’s fantastic! 🙂 I especially love that you and your husband are still active. Thank goodness for KY Liquibeads! #client

  5. Ha! I have no issues buying something like this, lol. It is just life and something that two people who love each other sometimes need. Thanks for sharing.

  6. *Whistle* You go on now you vixen! Good to know that there are products out there for us ladies to be ready at a moments notice! 10 kids, my goodness, I have no kids but am tired just hearing about you having 10 + grand kids. Well done lady!

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