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Fun DIY Projects For Summer and Fall

If you are looking to make some changes to your home, then one of the most affordable ways to do that is by doing some DIY. Now is a great time to get some projects done, as the weather is good, the evenings are light, and you’re not too preoccupied with school or holidays that are coming up in a few months time. So taking some steps to freshen things up and make things look like new is a must. If you don’t know where to start, as there are a bunch of projects that you could work on, then you’re in luck. Here are some DIY project ideas for at home. They can be a good way to fix things that are broken, as well as reuse things, so it can be such a positive step for the environment too, rather than buying new ad throwing things away. 

Fun DIY Projects For Summer and Fall

Wine Bottle Succulent Planters

If you have some empty wine bottles, then although they can be easily recycled, you could use them as planters for your succulents. As succulents don’t need very much water, they don’t need a deep base. It will involve some careful cutting of glass to make sure that half of the bottle is removed, but with a little earth, some small stones, and the succulents, you have your own modern and funky-looking terrarium. 


Shelving is something that all homes need to have. It can be good for storage, as well as being used for keeping things off the floor, which is a must if you have a small space. As a result, it can be a good idea to some of your own, if you’re looking for a DIY project. One of the things that you can do is take an old wine rack and use that as shelving. Secured to the wall with wall plugs and nails, you could easily make this a great feature. It could be to house rolled up towels in a bathroom, or used for clothing too. You could even make your own shelves using old books, and even things like retro or vintage-looking suitcases, for something really unique (that doubles up and gives you extra storage).

With shelving, one of the main parts of the project is making sure that you get them secured to the wall well enough. That is why having the right kinds of tools for the job is a must. Getting a power drill can help you to get the best holes in the wall, as they’ll need to be pretty deep. You could click here to learn more about power drills if you’re not too sure which will be best for you. You also need to make sure that you have a spirit-level, otherwise you could end up with some very wonky shelves indeed; not a good look!


Creating some space outdoors and outdoor DIY projects can be just as fun, and just as important as indoor ones. That is why creating some planters can be a good idea. One thing that you can do is make your own planters using some old wooden pallets. They can easily be sawn in half, and then used around the border for edging, as well as for planting. The options are endless with planters, though, as you can use old boots as planters, as well as old teapots for things like herbs. Just decide what kind of look you want to go for in your yard and garden, and then you can go from there. 

Window Photo Frames

Old windows and old shutters are great things to use and upcycle for a DIY project at home. Old windows can be great for photo frames, as they already come with the glass. They may need a lick of paint, or even some wood glued to them to create some window panes, so plan it all out before you start, so you know what you will need. You could also use some old shutters for photo frames, as they can be a good base to then attach strings, pegs, or lights too, that can then be used for the photos. You can have a lot of fun with it, so just get creative. 

What DIY projects do you have planned? It would be great to hear what you have planned over the next few months. With a little time and effort, and not much money at all, you can create something new, to solve a problem in the home or outdoors. 

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