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Gardening Secrets the Experts Never Tell You

Want your garden to look as beautiful as those gardens you see on TV shows or surrounding big expensive mansions in Beverly Hills, but can’t afford a team of staff to keep your yard in great shape year-round?

No problem, just check out these gardening secrets that the experts never tell you and you’ll be well on your way to creating the outdoor space of your dreams…

Small Topiary in Flower Bed - Gardening Secrets

Anyone can do it

The most basic secret of gardening is that anyone can do it. You may think you’re not green-fingered or you just don’t have any luck with plants, but all it takes is a little knowledge and a lot of practice to get it right and start growing your own beautiful garden. There are so many great resources out there online that there’s nothing stopping you if you really want to be a gardening god or goddess.

It’s all in the planning

If you want your garden to look as good as one designed by Sponzilli Landscape Group…well you could just hire them, but if not, what you need to do is sit down and sketch out the space you have. You can then start creating an outline of how you want to use that space. Once your vision is down on paper or up on the computer screen, it’ll be much easier to make it into a reality on the ground.

Plants in Pots on Patio - Gardening Secrets

Layer it up

If you want your garden to look both beautiful and professional, you need to layer it. What does that mean? It means you need to think about adding lots of different heights and textures into your design. For example, you could start with a flat lawn area, then plant a few pointy shrubs, making sure that some are tall and others short, plants some colorful flowers, again some tall, some short,  in front and you’ll have an impressive-looking layered space with very little effort at all.

Create patterns

Of course, having lots of different layers in varying sizes, textures and colors is only half the story. For a really impressive looking garden, you also need to think about shape., Instead of planting all of your shrubs and flowers in a straight line or even a simple circle, experiment with form. Plant your flowers in the shape of an elephant or trim your topiary into the image of a peacock and have some fun with it. If you’re looking for a more traditional garden, mixing it up between circle, square, and triangle shapes is a good compromise.

The rule of three

When it comes to choosing colors for your garden, the rule of three is really good, It ensures there is variety without overwhelming, giving the whole space a more sophisticated feel. if you’re feeling fun, choosing three contrasting colors like blue, purple, and yellow will have the desired effect, or for a more classy approach try choosing three different shades of, say pink or red instead.

It may take some work and a little vision, but creating a pretty garden really is within reach, even if you aren’t an expert.

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