Get Christmas Party Ready

Get Christmas Party Ready


It’s almost time for the annual Christmas party, and you may already be planning how to look your best and impress your office crush. Christmas parties are a really great way network with your colleagues and speak to people you’ve never spoken to before.

Get Christmas Party Ready

Once you’ve found out about the Christmas party you might want to start preparing for it. It’s not exactly a catwalk, but you will still want to be able to look good in front of the people you work with; it’s your time to shine!


The first thing to do if you want to get your body to fit snugly in that sparkly dress is to try and stay healthy. Eating a balanced diet is the key ingredient to slimming down and feeling more comfortable in your skin. To trim down for the big party, you’ll want to make sure that you try to incorporate more protein and fresh produce into your diet each day. The simple addition of fresh meat and vegetables will give your body what it needs to function well and cleanse. Here’s what constitutes a healthy diet.


There’s no point in spending an hour doing your makeup if your base isn’t healthy and clear. The secret to clear skin is spending the time on your skincare and also eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you want to make some time for your skin this week; you can spend a few hours pampering yourself. Take a long relaxing bath, apply a face mask and then rinse it off. Then spend some time cleansing your skin and moisturising it. This will go a long way towards making you feel fresh and ready for the party.

If you have more extreme skin issues or you feel like you want to look younger, you could consider botox from a company such as CoolSculpting, or even getting an acid peel to get rid of dead skin on the surface and make way for fresh skin underneath.

For more information on coolsculpting, check out this awesome guide from Ranch and Coast.


Once your skin is looking clear and flawless, you can look at the kind of makeup look you want to achieve for the party. It might be that you want to smoke it out and go for an intense eye look to match your outfit, or you could go more natural and vamp it up with a bold lip. Play around with ideas and remember to have fun with it.

Finding the Perfect Outfit

Finally, you can look for the perfect outfit to wear on the night. Metallic colours and bright reds, greens and blues are always popular at this time of year, and you can really make yourself stand out by accessorising with a bright coloured clutch or heels. When choosing the style of the outfit, take into account your unique body shape and the shapes which accentuate your curves the best. If you are an hourglass, try and stick to either bodycon or fit and flare, whereas if you are on the athletic side- go for something with frilled or peplum additions to give you shape. Have fun with it and remember that it will also be cold, so remember to bring a coat with you.


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