Get Your Makeup On Point

Get Your Makeup On Point


Have you ever seen those girls who’s makeup looks so flawless and thought, how?! Some people just have such a skill when it comes to makeup, but you can to! Knowing what products work for you, and how to use them properly is key to that perfect finish. There’s so many different trends of what’s perfect at the minute. But for this post we’re going to focus on trying to create the perfect more natural look with this beauty routine.


The first place people tend to go wrong at is the lack of high quality products. To really get your makeup on point, you need to splash the cash a little. Drugstore products can be really good, and the are really cheap in comparison. But the finish of a higher quality one will be so much better. Generally, you’ll notice a better coverage, less of a cakey effect, and a longer wear length when it comes to foundation. The same applies to concealer. When it comes to eyeshadow, it’ll have a better pigmentation, and it’ll be easier for you to build up the layers you need, you can go to for more info on what colours you can get at a quality level. Once you pay more, you’ll never go back to the drugstore.


Preparation of your face beforehand is key. Make sure you thoroughly wash your face with a gentle cleansing soap to remove any impurities. Then, massage in some facial scrub to remove and dead skin cells, and again help to smooth over any impurities. Gently dry off and apply some toner with a cotton wool pad. Wait for your face to be completely dry and apply a light daily moisturizer. You’ll now have a fresh face ready for the first stage of your makeup. Most people don’t realize that the preparation you do before applying the makeup is key to a flawless finish. For more on the perfect daily routine, visit


When you’re at the stage on applying foundation etc. you need to realise that building up some a couple of layers is how you get that flawless finish. Just one layer of foundation is going to look fine for about an hour, but it’ll eventually fade away. Start with thin layers until you feel you’ve got enough coverage, and always finish with some powder to set the look.


Eyebrows are all the rage at the minute. People have perfected their brows in their own different ways. If you’re going to be a bit more natural, you first need to get them waxed and tinted. When having them waxed, get that arch defined, and the tint will bring out the shape so much more. Then using a brow pencil, carefully draw in the shape of your eyebrows the further define the look. Don’t colour in too much towards the beginning of the brow, keep the application thin here for a better look.


If you follow these simple steps, your make up really will look on point. Don’t forget to add a bit of mascara and lipstick, and you’ve created the perfect natural look.

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