Guinea Pigs - Getting A Pet? Think Outside The Box

Getting A Pet? Think Outside The Box

When it comes to getting a pet, there are many people out there that simply take their options down to either a cat or dog. Now, while these two are both incredibly popular and brilliant options for having a pet, they are far from your only ones.

If you are a busy family and you are hardly at home, then neither a cat or a dog would be suitable for your lifestyle. Both of these pets are capable of feeling loneliness and can get sad. 

In today’s post, We are going to be looking at a few amazing options that you may not have considered, but that can make amazing pets for any family.

Getting a Pet?  Think Outside the Box

Why Get A Pet

One of the main reasons people get a pet is for some form of companionship, a lot of people nowadays live busy lives and find it hard to build relationships with humans due to a lack of time. 

For this reason alone, there are many people that consider pets of all sorts that they can easily take care of and show some love when they return home from a long day at the office. There are, of course, many other reasons that people have pets and this has just been one of them.

So whether you are a little lonely or you just want to extend your family numbers, we are going to throw out a few suggestions for pets that may be able to suit your requirements.

Why Not A Dog?

Well, the first thing we should start by saying is that getting a dog is a far bigger responsibility than most people realize. Of course, there are campaigns galore saying that you should think before you get a dog, but most people do not understand why. 

Dogs are incredibly complicated animals and are far more aware than you may realize. For example, did you know that a dog can understand over 200 words? Did you know that dogs have complex emotions

Both of those things can come as a shock to dog owners, so should you get a dog but not be able to provide the time it really needs, your dog will be sad, lonely and better off in a home that it can thrive in. 

While it may sound harsh, there are just some situations that are best suited to other pets, and it may just be the case that your situation is one of those. 

So What Are Your Options?

So when it comes to pets that fit the bill for your requirements, this will also depend on a few factors. For example, if you are after a welcoming companion, then you may want to opt for a parrot. 

A parrot can make an amazing pet, and they can be incredibly easy to look after. With parrots, you would also need to be mindful of their handling needs and their dietary requirements. When it comes to a parrots diet there are certain foods that can make them incredibly ill, so having people like the guys at on hand will be a great place to turn should you find yourself in need.

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous, you could even consider a pet of the reptilian kind; while there are many to choose from and they may not be everybody’s cup of tea, they are incredible pets to have and wonderful to keep.

You can look at everything from lizards to snakes, but you should also be quite careful and do a lot of research before you take on ownership of one of these beautiful animals. If you have a queasy stomach, then some reptiles will require a diet of frozen mice, chicks and if you opt for a larger snake, for example, you may even find yourself feeding it frozen rabbits.

Whatever you decide, choosing a pet should always be a careful decision, and you should handle and visit your selected pet a few times before you consider taking it home. Having some time to do this will allow you to get used to each other, and you will be able to get a feel as to whether this is the pet for you.

Some people often like the idea of a certain pet but go on to find they are more suited to a completely different species. So when choosing your pet, do it slowly and don’t rush into anything. 


Getting A Pet? Think Outside The Box

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