Here’s What is Killing Your Pooch from Inside

“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.”

~Samuel Butler

There is nothing worse than witnessing your dog suffering from an unknown illness. Sometimes, your four-legged bundle of joy does not display any symptoms of the disease and leaves you in grief. This shows that just like human babies, pets do deserve and require care and concern.

If you are a die-hard dog lover or a new owner to your pooch, here are some common health issues to know about to save the loveliest souls on the Earth.

1.Kidney disease – This is one of the most common health issues often seen in aged pets like cats and dogs. It develops with growing age and when left untreated can result in your pet’s demise. You may require to let your pet undergo some tests and medicinal procedures to get rid of this congestion before it gets too late.

2.Arthritis – If your pet seems dull, low, and inactive most of the time, this can be due to arthritis pain. It is a common problem in older dogs which restricts their ability to walk and jump while playing. Arthritis pain makes it difficult for the pet to survive in some worse cases. Here, the usual treatment begins with x-ray, diet check, and acupuncture.

3. Cancer – Like human beings, dogs do suffer from cancer. Some of the most common types of cancer in dogs include – lymphoma, anal sac cancer, hemangiosarcoma, oral melanoma, mast cell tumors, breast cancer, and much more. Besides the usual chemotherapy, many veterinarians suggest going for CBD oil for dogs with cancer at any stage. CBD (also referred to as cannabis or cannabidiol) contains some medicinal properties that help relieve the degree of pain in pets with cancer. Plus, it proves productive to fight back and stop the development of cancerous cells in the pets.

4. Heart-worm – This is a common disease spread by mosquitoes. If this infection is diagnosed in dogs at an early stage, it can be cured. Otherwise, the feline heart-worm disease is incurable in dogs. Monthly checkups can prevent this.

5. Lyme disease – Some of the most common symptoms of this disease include limping, loss of appetite, irritating behavior, pain, and frequent fever. If you see all of these in your four-legged friend ever, get it checked immediately. The pet catches this disease through tick bites which if not caught and removed can enter the bloodstream, causing severe pain in joints. Veterinarians often use antibiotics and other vaccinations to cure tick bites if it is in the curable stage.

There are some other health issues as well, which if not diagnosed and treated at the right stage can result in something adverse.



The last line –


Like humans, pets aren’t able to share their health problems. Therefore, as a responsible dog owner, we have to sense their condition and undertake them a treatment, whenever required. From vaccinations to diet, pets have some triggering points which need to be taken care of.


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