Holding My Breath


Gabes hip and elbow x-rays turned out GREAT,
but sadly, he is heartworm positive.
After extensive lab tests, the vet has
determined that this was caught very early
and that he has no heart damage.
He was immediately started on a
“slow kill” treatment plan,
and she cleared him to go to work:-)

I flew out to Kansas last week – for 5 intense days
of training with Gabe.  He passed his CGC last Monday
and we flew back home on Tuesday.
I am so very very grateful, to all those
who donated to help me get him.
Now I need to ask for more help.

His first round of treatment has been paid for,
but in 5 months, a second stage will have 
to be started, shortly followed by a third stage.
If any of you have an extra few dollars, that can
go toward his treatment, I would be so very grateful.
If each of my readers (who haven’t already donated)
would give just $3 each, I would have enough
to pay for his entire treatment. 
If each gave $5
I would be able to pay for his treatment and his next
years inoculations and testing.
If each gave $10 – I would be able to do all of the above
and be able to attend a group gathering with other
SD Teams, to learn about new ADA rulings,
take his PAT, and participate in a number 
of classes and events.
I don’t like having to ask you for help,
but this means so much to me.
I’ve fallen head over heels in love with my big boy, 
and I think that he feels the same way
about me.
He deserves the best of care…
so I’m turning to the people who
I “see” every day – here in blogdom.
Thank You So Much!
(PayPal button is on the upper left sidebar.)


I’m almost afraid to put this is print…I don’t want to jinx things.

But remember my post from about a month ago?   
The one where I told you of my quest to get a Service Dog.  
You can go HERE
to read it (it’s in the second section of the post).
Let me update you a little.  I’ve spent about 4 hours
online each day since then.  I search for organizations,
 that raise and train SD’s.  I’ve applied to groups all across the country.
I send emails to companies
and organizations, telling them of my needs for
sponsorship.  I read through postings of 
breeders and rescue groups. 
I’ve even sent a letter to Cesar Milan.
I read the classifieds in the paper each day…hoping to find 
someone who has a dog that fits my needs. 
I even had my speech all ready, to try
to convince my husband to buy me a poodle,
to raise on my own.
I knew that something was holding me back…
I knew deep down that I just needed to wait a while longer.
I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed.
I’ve tried to pray for what’s Best for me,
and not just for what I WANT.
What I felt I needed, was a grown dog, who was
already well socialized.  A dog who could, in a short
amount of time, be ready to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test.
A dog who needed me, as much as I needed him/her.

Asking a lot, don’t you think?
Heavenly Father listens and answers.
We just have to learn how to be still,
and wait, and have faith.
Last night, I was reading emails on a list serve
group that I belong to.
I saw one about a dog that had just
been rescued from a shelter.
Someone had taken him because
they felt that he was special…that he had
great potential…that he might make a great SD. 
He was scheduled to be put down,
and she rescued him.
He is just the right height, just the right age,
well socialized, and his foster mom,
believes that someone has already trained this dog
and that he can easily pass the CGCT and with
just a little bit of work, that he can pass the PAT!
  She is willing to keep him and continue to work with him
until I can come up with the funds to:
1. Have his hips x-rayed – to make sure that he can be used for mobility.
2. Reimburse her for shots, food, supplies, etc.
3. Travel to her (a couple of states away / plane ticket, or I’d even be willing 
to take a bus if necessary, & food and lodging),
and work with her and the dog, to make sure
that we are a good fit.
(There is also the chance that we could do 
the Public Access Testing together – so that I can come home
with an official Service Dog, 
and not just a  Service Dog in Training.)
Do you know just how HUGE this is?
The shortest waiting list that I’ve found is 2 years.
To train a dog on my own, would take at least 2 years.
The cost for either of the above,
would be a minimum of $2,500 but more realistically
be $5,000 or more.
The costs involved with this dog, would
only be between $500 and $1,000 and a wait of only
a few months, or maybe as little as a few weeks.

If anyone reading my blog, knows of a group
that could sponsor me, please let me know.
If any of you would be willing to donate $1, or $5, or $10…
I have a PayPal Button – top left sidebar.
(Just type in “Service Dog – Gabe” 
in the Purpose Box)
If any of you would be willing to say a prayer or two,
on my behalf, and for my families needs,
(Another big event – that we are waiting on…this could be a very
good thing…but again, we are asking for what’s best, and not
just for what we want), I would be most grateful.
 Sending my love and appreciation to you all!
Holding My Breath

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  1. i know what you are going thru! i wish i could do more than pray but…as one who was given a trial/trying body at birth and had to go medicare 10 years ago… i keep trying to teach my terrier to do things but… anyway, you are in my thoughts and hopes you get THE DOG!

  2. I truly wish that I could help you financially, but I have alot of health issues. The majority of my income goes towards paying for medical and drug expenses. I will be praying for you.

    Thank you,

    [email protected]

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