Holiday Cheer and Ring in the New Year with Shoot Along

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Holiday Cheer and Ring in the New Year with Shoot Along

Start taking better pictures of your kids

Holiday Cheer and Ring in the New Year with Shoot Along

Step-by-step photography

How many of you have a DSLR collecting dust because you just don’t know the best way to use it?  You aren’t sure how to capture the special moments in your children’s lives.  That’s me…only now it’s for my children and grandchildren.  I want to be able to grab my camera and shoot…without bumbling and wasting time fiddling with gadgets, and driving my family nuts with elaborate posing.  I look forward to the next year learning with Shoot Along, how to take great photos anytime the moment calls for them!

About Shoot Along

Because your family’s moments are precious…


Isn’t that why you bought your DSLR in the first place? Many parents feel they are falling short when it comes to taking great pictures of their kids… and for good reason! Most DSLR owners don’t know how to use their cameras to their fullest, missing precious shots due to this lack of understanding. But parents today are busy, and the task of learning photography can seem daunting and time-consuming.

What if you could get all the help, motivation and inspiration you need without going to a local community college or taking a weekend away from your family for a photography seminar? Sound too good to be true?

Shoot Along is specifically designed for parents, teaching them photography skills in a way that works alongside busy schedules. Learn the secrets that will have you capturing amazing pictures of your children, documenting your family’s life as you learn! Work at your own pace, sharing your progress in our private Facebook group with other parents who are participating in the project, and finally make the most of your DSLR!


Next course starts January 1, 2019

Sign up for 10 Week Course or 52 Week Course 

The course is designed for parents using a DSLR, mirrorless, or creative-controlled camera with any type of lens(es). You will practice new techniques by photographing your own children. This course is not for professional photographers.

Still not sure if this project is for you? For more info, see the FAQs.

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Holiday Cheer and Ring in the New Year with Shoot Along

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23 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer and Ring in the New Year with Shoot Along

  1. I would love for my husband to be able to take this course. He’s always wanted to learn how to use our camera properly and take better pictures.

  2. My kids are grown. I would like to take better pictures but unfortunately can’t afford an expensive camera. Maybe I can use the one I have better.

  3. I enjoy taking pictures and thought about making a career/hobby out of it and would appreciate any tips to help in my picture taking.

  4. This would be such a awesome course to take to help me achieve a great photography start! Id love to make awesome scrap books!

  5. I all I ever want to do is take pictures of my son! I’d love to learn how to take quality ones to capture moments and memories 💗

  6. This sounds so great. I would love to be able to take better photos especially of my children and grandchildren.

  7. No doubt I need a step-by-step instruction course to correct the many mistakes I have done over the last 71 years of photo taking!

  8. What a great idea! Most parents take tons of pics, but really, are they good enough to make them interesting? Probably not.

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