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Home Heating Tips to Keep You Warm All Year Round

Winter is coming. And that means one thing, your home heating bill is about to go up as well.

But while heating your home isn’t cheap, it’s still preferable to the alternative: cold temperatures indoors.

Though, you’ve come to the right place for help. Below, we’ve put together a list of heating tips that you should implement to stay warm during the cold season ahead.

Keep reading for everything that you need to get through the winter!

Use Thermostat

During the winter, set the home HVAC thermostat to a comfortable temperature and adjust it as needed. During the summer, use a fan or air conditioner to keep the home cool. In addition, programmable thermostats are available to heat your home at the desired temperature even when you’re not home.

For added energy efficiency, be sure to reset the temperature a few degrees lower when you head out for the day. This will save you money on your monthly electric bill while also keeping the house comfortable no matter the season. Investing in a thermostat is a great way to achieve the most comfortable temperature and save you money in the process.

Use Efficient Heating Appliances

A faulty or inefficient boiler that is not capable of heating your home properly will limit your hopes of maintaining a warm temperature. Worse still, it’ll cost you a lot of money in wasted energy. 

While most homeowners appreciate the role of their boiler, they overlook their water heater. It might not heat the radiators, but heating and transferring water to the kitchen and bathroom appliances is vital. These water heater FAQs will enable you to keep yours in great condition. The heat from the water in your bath, shower, or kitchen will help lift the temperature. Likewise, the pipes will warm up as you transfer water from the heater.

Aside from heating the home, a hot bath or shower can be the perfect way to raise your body temperature and feel cozy on a cold winter evening. Efficient appliances allow you to enjoy it.

Use Spray Foam Insulation

It creates an airtight seal and can be used to cover any shape or size of a space. It’s great for keeping your space warm all year round, as it is designed to keep the heat inside and the cold out. To use spray foam insulation, make sure the area and surface are clean and dry.

Then, apply the foam with an applicator gun in an even layer. Leave the foam to dry and harden for at least 24 hours before penetrating the space.

To ensure the area remains insulated, layer multiple applications of the foam to create a barrier. Make sure to test for air leakage prior to penetration. With spray foam insulation, you’ll be sure to stay warm year-round.

Use Thick Curtains

They are especially helpful during cold winter months when heat can escape from windows and doors. Thick curtains trap the air and create an insulating layer that keeps your home warm and cozy. To make sure they are airtight, make sure to hang thick curtains from a metal or wooden pole which is properly secured to the wall.

If they are hung correctly they should be flush with the walls and ceilings to prevent air from coming in or out. Alternatively, you can install thermal curtains.

These are designed specifically to keep out drafts and use an insulating layer of air bubbles or air pockets inside them. Thermal curtains will create an extra layer of insulation between your home’s indoor and outdoor environments, keeping you warmer than ever before.

Use These Home Heating Tips Today

Heating your home efficiently is the best way to stay comfortable and reduce energy costs. Following the tips mentioned in this article will ensure that you maintain a comfortable and warm environment in your home all year round. Save money on energy costs and stay warm, get started on these home heating tips today!

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