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How Can You Detect Balding Early?

Balding is a frustrating condition that many are forced to deal with. It can be caused by genetics, stress, physical trauma or other factors. Regardless of what causes it, if you notice your hairline receding and the skin on your scalp becoming more exposed than usual, it’s time to take action!

This is why we have come up with the following ways to detect balding.

You Are Suffering From Hair Fall

You might suffer from hair fall for a number of different reasons. You might think that your hair is falling due to your bad diet or your stress. However, in some cases, the hair fall doesn’t stop even if you improve your diet or control your stress.

So, if you are suffering from hair fall it can be a sign of things to come. So take hair fall very seriously as it may be a sign that you are going bald. Whether there is an apparent cause of hair fall or not, it is imperative that you consult a relevant medical expert to stop your hair from falling. In some cases hair fall and balding is a genetically issue in which case it can become difficult to control it.

Your Scalp Is Clearly Visible

Even if you are suffering from hair fall, it is not an indicator that balding has occurred. However there are some cases where the skin on your scalp becomes more exposed than usual. If this happens to you, remember that it may be a sign of things to come and take action now!

This however does NOT mean you should use any product before consulting with a medical expert first.

Your Head Is Always Itchy

It is not uncommon for your head to become itchy as you go bald. This happens because of the lack of hair and physical contact with the scalp which can cause an increase in sweat production on top of what is normal already. Sweat may also accumulate underneath hats or wigs leading to inflammation, itchiness and ultimately a very uncomfortable experience overall!

If this does happen to you, remember that there are ways to deal with this issue such as changing up your shampooing routine so that less dandruff gets produced over time along with using head shampoos designed specifically for people going through baldness.

Your Hairline Is Receding

Your receding hairline is still a sign that balding has already occurred. Hair follicles need to be healthy and breathing in order for them to function properly.

When they lose their ability to breathe due to excess sebum production (which happens as part of the aging process regardless) the area of skin where they exist becomes darker than normal which can give off an impression that your roots have changed color even though this is simply just how it looks when oxygen cannot reach the root itself anymore!

If however they don’t bother you and/or you just want them gone then try out some home remedies such as using  tea tree oil shampoo on your scalp twice weekly along with applying coconut oil onto the area.

Your Hair Is Becoming Thinner

If you notice your hair becoming thinner over time, it is a clear sign that balding has already occurred. Thinning out of the hair can be caused by physical trauma such as severe stress and bad diet but no matter what causes it, if you are constantly noticing this phenomenon happening to your head then now may be the right time to take action!

Your Hair Is Taking Longer To Grow Back

If you are noticing that your hair is taking longer to grow back when it falls out, then balding has probably occurred. This happens because the root of the strand becomes shorter with time due to follicles losing their ability to breathe which results in less nutrients reaching them resulting in thinner strands over time! If this does happen however make sure not to panic as there are treatments available such as minoxidil and laser therapy which can help slow down or even reverse the process altogether.

However do keep in mind that these methods usually only work if you catch balding at an early stage before scar tissue starts forming (which cannot be reversed). So remember to act quickly once you notice any symptoms mentioned above beginning to occur more often than usual!

There Are Random Bald Spots On Your Head

One way of detecting balding is to keep note of the random bald spots on your head. Sometimes we don’t realize that our hair is falling and we only get to know once a large amount of hair has fallen over time from a specific area leaving a bald spot.

These are some of the ways you can detect balding. If you or anyone you love suffers from any of the above symptoms then it’s time for you to consult a doctor before it is too late.

How Can You Detect Balding Early?

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