How long should you use PEMF?

PEMF therapy has a huge number of benefits, therefore there are many outcomes that can be obtained from it and it can be used in many cases whether to aid in the healing of a specific injury, enhancing a specific body part, or to boost overall wellness. The first thing you need to have in mind before starting therapy is what would be the outcome you are hoping for and then with the instructions and supervision of an experienced professional you will be able to follow a regimen to get to the wanted result. Therefore, when it comes to how long you should do PEMF therapy, the answer is variable depending on many factors.

               Each possible outcome that could be obtained from undergoing PEMF therapy requires a specific program with many set variables to be as efficient and targeted as possible and the frequency and duration of the therapy sessions vary as well.

               The factors that affect the regimen duration and session frequency are:

  •   Intensity: Depending on the wanted outcome, your physician is going to set the therapy sessions to be on high, medium, or low intensity PEMF therapy program, this depends on the frequency and intensity of the pulses emitted by the device to your body. High intensity programs are mainly used to treat specific injuries and therefore can be used for a longer period of time as the healing process takes time for it to be fully completed. On the other hand, low intensity programs are mainly used to improve overall health and therefore there is no strict need to keep a schedule for the PEMF therapy sessions that lasts a long time and is frequent. It is always advised that the therapy is done under the supervision of a professional to keep track of the effects of therapy on you and to make any necessary changes to the therapy program to ensure maximum efficiency.
  •   Devices: there are many PEMF devices available on the market, each with its own use. There are devices that are small in size and are designed for specific uses on specific areas of your body and there are other devices that are bigger in size such as the amethyst mat that is used for the whole body. The type of device used is decided depending on the outcome hoped for as well. Smaller location bound devices are mainly used to deliver medium/high intensity pulses to the targeted location to enhance its healing and relieve pain while bigger devices that are used for the whole body usually emit medium/low intensity pulses to the whole body and can be used for longer since mats can even be used overnight as the effect needed mainly from their use is usually improving overall health. Amethyst and Jade mats contain pieces of these stones that get heated to release ions and transfer the heat deeply in our bodies to have a better effect on muscles and tissues and they have been found very effective in stimulating the metabolic rate as well.
  •   How your body responds to therapy: This might be the biggest and most unpredictable variable of them all as each body responds differently to treatment. For example, some people might need to use the Amethyst mat for a couple of weeks before they start feeling any better after suffering from back pain while others can start seeing a satisfactory result for the same condition just after a couple of sessions.

To conclude, I would be lying if I told you how long you will need to stick to PEMF therapy in this article, the variables are just too much and can’t be defined exactly as each case is totally different from the other. When it comes to how long you can use PEMF devices for general improvement of wellbeing, and due to the therapy not having side effects, you can use it for as long as you want and under the supervision of a professional physician.



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