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How to Choose An Architect

When you have a big project, finding the right people to help can be tough. The right architect will be able to understand what you are trying to create and present your own ideas back to you in a way that meets building standards. 

So how do you choose an architect that is right for you? 


Before you know who you need, you need to know what you need. This means you’ll need to take some time to create a brief that makes sense to your project. For example, if it is a residential architecture project, you’ll need to factor in how many rooms, the size, the type, the additions, materials, styles, and your budget. 

Create a brief that people can use. 


You will find many architect websites during your search, and not all of them will have high-quality photos of their complete projects. Look for an architect that presents their work to you and gives you all the information you need to make the right decision. 

Look through the galleries, and look for projects that look similar to what you are looking for. 


Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to find some of the best in the business. Why? Because those recommendations come from people who have experienced the work first hand. They know what it was like to work with this architect and can tell you everything you need to know. 

Aside from word of mouth, you can spend time researching the company you are considering online too. Most reputable companies will have reviews online, on their website, and on their social media channels. 


A residential or commercial project will all take more than just an architect. It is important to see how big their network is and how it will impact your project. You should be looking for architects who have experience and know contractors, where to source specific materials, have experience with planners, and more. 

This will mean you have to do less leg work and will get the best and more straightforward project. 


Some architects will not care what you have to say; they have an idea about the project and will push forward until they achieve it. Even during the conversation, you might find that you aren’t getting the response you had hoped for. You might even feel like the project you had hoped to undertake is possible. 

On the other hand, some architects might not be willing to tell you when something won’t work. 

Look for a middle ground that feels more like collaboration and less like you are either being sweet-talked or talked down to. 


Your budget is your budget and will remain that way no matter how much an architecture firm will want it to look different. When you tell a potential architect how much your budget is, they should help you to set realistic goals about what you can achieve and how. 

Once you have chosen an architecture that feels right, it’s time to start planning your big project: How to Plan a Stress-Free Home Renovation – Beautiful Touches

Feature Image: Photo by Evgeniy Surzhan on Unsplash

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