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How To Design A Kitchen That’s Easy To Repair And Maintain

A well-designed kitchen goes a long way to improve the aesthetic appeal of a house. Be it standard or custom design, many homeowners love to showcase their vision and creativity with their kitchen space. However, many don’t take into account the cost of repairing and maintaining a kitchen. This can lead to more expenses in the long run. So if you are looking to design a kitchen that will lead to hassle-free maintenance in the coming years, then read on. 

5 tips on how to design a kitchen that’s easy to repair and maintain

  1. Choose Durable Appliances

Going for ornate countertops and elegant cabinetry might be an excellent choice for longevity, but it must not come at the cost of appliances. After all, appliances are a very vital aspect of the kitchen. They decrease manual drudgery and make it easy to run a kitchen. That being said, many homeowners make the mistake of going for cheap appliances. This can lead to many costly and regrettable repairs in the future. 

Always go for quality appliances and tools in the kitchen that can stand the test of time. All you need is some basic research on the best appliances and brands in the market to get them installed in your kitchen. Apart from the quality of the appliances, you must also look into a brand’s customer service, as well as warranty. After all, even the most durable appliances tend to break down eventually. In such cases, choosing a brand that offers an extended warranty will save you a lot of money. Moreover, they send in expert technicians who are well-acquainted with the devices and only use the best parts. Hence, you are guaranteed to get maximum returns for your investment. 

So don’t skimp out on your appliances in the kitchen.

  1. Add Relevant Materials While Plastering Of Kitchen Walls

Unless you are experienced in construction, you may not know how important plastering is for your kitchen and your entire home. Plastering is an old technique used in the interior walls of the house to protect it from any form of damage. It is also applied to smoothen out the walls and increase their visual appeal. Now that you understand its relevance, here’s a pro tip to further strengthen the walls of your kitchen.

During plastering, it is necessary to add certain materials to bolster it further. One such material is chicken wire. Made of galvanized steel wires that have been woven to create a hexagonal pattern, these sheets of chicken wire are laid out on the concrete before plastering. Its hexagonal structure offers significant strength to the concrete to prevent it from cracking during extreme heat or cold. They are also essential when laying out electrical lines and water pipes, as vibrations from these systems can also cause cracks in the concrete and weaken the inner wall.

Thankfully, with chicken wire and the right plastering techniques, such mishaps can be avoided. Hence, when you are installing your kitchen from scratch or redoing your walls, be sure to go for chicken wire while plastering.

  1. Opt For Custom Cabinet Doors Which Are Easy To Replace Or Repair

Cabinetry is one of the most important parts of a well-designed and functional kitchen. However, standard cabinets might not cut it in many modern kitchens. They might require repairs more frequently. Therefore, it is important to invest in custom cabinetry, including custom cabinet doors

Having customized cabinet doors is quite crucial, as it can affect the space and movement within the kitchen. For instance, you have to take corners into account and make sure that cabinet doors are not colliding with one another when opened simultaneously. For such cases, it is best to go for custom cabinet doors, as these factors will be taken into account. 

They can also aid in saving space. For example, if your kitchen is compact, a swinging door might not be a great idea. Instead, a sliding door or a bi-fold door might be a better fit. And with customized doors, you can commission one that is tailor-made for your kitchen. Moreover, it is also easy to repair and maintain them, as companies who design such doors will back them up with some free servicing and warranty. 

As for the cabinets themselves, you can customize them using detachable shelves, which are easy to repair and clean. 

  1. Select Low-Maintenance Countertops

When it comes to countertops, going all out with marble or stone might seem tempting. It is your dream kitchen, after all! However, not only will the installation be quite expensive, but it will also create hassles in terms of maintenance, as small cracks and chips will need to be addressed immediately. Hence, the practical solution is to go for countertops which not only look great but are also sturdy and require little to no maintenance. 

One great example is granite. It is extremely durable and resistant to heat, so you don’t have to worry about placing hot items on the countertops. If you are looking for something fancier, quartz is also a great alternative. It doesn’t require any sealing, like marble, or even granite. For the uninitiated, sealing is a process of applying a sealant over the countertop so that it doesn’t absorb moisture. 

Once sealed, if you spill water over the countertop, then it will form beads instead of being absorbed. As you can guess, sealing should be done regularly, at least once or twice a year. So if you are not a DIY expert and require professionals to seal your countertops, then it’s best to go for quartz or even laminates.

  1. Choose Fixtures With High-Quality Finish

Apart from appliances, countertops, cabinets and plastering, another important aspect to consider is fixtures. This means light fixtures, faucets, cabinet hardware and more. While good quality fixtures are important, another feature to look for is the surface finish. Apart from lights, almost all other fixtures need to have a durable and high-quality finish. Installing the best appliances and materials will not matter if the fixtures lose their shine, as these small elements do draw a lot of attention visually. 

So pay attention to your faucets, taps, cabinet door handles, knobs and other similar fixtures. Always choose the best materials that can have a prolonged shine, and if possible, it is easy to restore their finish. Some excellent examples are chrome, nickel and brass, which can be polished to make them look good as new. Of course, the type of material you use will depend on the color and design scheme for the kitchen, as some hardware is more compatible with modern kitchens while others are better suited for traditional ones. 

Lastly, regularly inspect these fixtures and check if there are any loose screws or handles and get them repaired right away. This timely maintenance will save a lot of trouble in the future.


In closing, maintaining a kitchen can be easy and pain-free if you follow these 5 simple tips. At the end of the day, it is not just about installing the best materials and fixtures. It is also important to invest smartly in elements which can be easily replaced or repaired without breaking the bank. Moreover, installing some of these elements such as custom cabinetry and quality-finish hardware also makes remodeling a whole lot easier. 

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