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How to Design a More Comfortable Bedroom

Creating a room that is designed for your comfort can help make all the difference in how you rest and recharge. With the right touches, your space can feel warm and welcoming, while still being functional for storage and your everyday needs. 

There are a few things to consider when making your bedroom the ultimate place for comfort and relaxation – from the position of your bed to the type of mattress and colors you choose. 

We’ll take you through a few key things that can impact the look and feel of your bedroom, and how they can ensure you have a functional, yet cozy, space to rest.

Make sure the set-up suits

One key thing to consider when designing your space is the layout of the bedroom. How your furniture is placed will all depend on your personal preferences, as well as the size and shape of the room and your furniture. 

Your bed is the centerpiece of your room. Think about the size and what type of style reflects your personality. If your room is on the smaller side, you may find that you need extra storage solutions like beds with extra storage. However, if you have plenty of room to spare, then you may want to consider some extra sleep space with a king size bed. From there, you can start thinking about your other furniture. Think about things like your storage needs and other items that you want in your space like mirrors, shelving or accents (like blanket boxes). 

Remember, before purchasing any new furniture, plot out a true-to-size plan on paper to ensure everything will fit as you envision. 

Add texture for extra comfort

Adding texture to your bedroom can help bring the space to life, while also adding a layer of comfort – perfect for cozying up. From plants to rugs and other beautiful accents, there are plenty of stylish ways to increase the comfort in your space. 

For your tactile objects, like furniture and flooring, natural materials can add instant texture and comfort to a bedroom. Wood and stone are great for side cabinets and bed frames, while fabrics can help tie in your window furnishings and bedding.

When choosing textiles, like sheets, bed covers, pillow covers and cushions, keep in mind the different seasons. While flannel sheets add a nice cozy touch to your bedding, you may find them warmer than your standard crisp cotton sheet. So, it’s best to switch up your linen seasonally so your bedroom not only looks good, but keeps you cozy all year long too. 

Think about your lighting

Lighting can play a role in adding comfort to your space. Natural light  is good for waking us up and keeping us energized throughout the day, so it makes sense that softer, warm-toned lights are ideal for helping us get ready for sleep. 

Lamps can provide a great lighting solution and can be an easy way to control where the light is in the bedroom. You can change the bulbs to suit if you want a warmer or cooler light, depending on your preferences. Plus, lamps can provide the right amount of light to wind down for the day with a good book or even journaling before you head to bed. 

Get the temperature right

Whether you’re struggling because it’s too hot, or you’re snuggling up under multiple layers to keep warm, temperature plays an important role in the overall comfort of your space. 

During the warmer months, you may find that sleeping under a fan or air con can help keep you cool. If you don’t want to run something overnight, sometimes you can get a cool breeze into your room by opening up the window. 

In colder months, a heater or adding an extra layer of bedding can help keep you cozy all night long. Plus, there are plenty of linen options to suit the season. 

Finish the room with your favorite touches

And finally, it’s important when designing a more comfortable bedroom to add finishing touches that bring you joy. Take your time finding art, vases, candles and other items that fit your space and you truly love.

Your hobbies may even be the secret to your ultimate cozy room. Making your own candles, art or even clay sculptures, bowls or pieces give you a one-of-a-kind piece you’ve made just for you and your place of relaxation.

When designing a more comfortable bedroom, remember, it’s all about what makes you feel good. From your curtains to your mattress, everything plays a role, so it’s important you feel comfortable with each and every piece to make the room one big cozy escape. 


11 thoughts on “How to Design a More Comfortable Bedroom

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