How To Ensure Your CBD Oil Is High-Quality

Cannabinoid (CBD) products are more popular than ever. That said, the market remains largely unregulated, leaving the industry open for people to sell substandard CBD oils. You have to choose brands carefully to ensure you get the highest quality products. Most wellness enthusiasts yearn for the best CBD but don’t know how to differentiate between brands. Here are some key things to consider and ensure you buy great quality CBD oil.

  • Look at the CBD ingredients

One important consideration to make is the product’s ingredients. It’s worth noting that high-quality CBD oils come with fewer ingredients and manufacturers combine extracts with a carrier oil to make CBD oil. Preservatives are usually needless; any extra ingredient must add value to the product. When you come across a long list of chemicals you can hardly pronounce or comprehend, consider walking away. Those who value purity will want to search for unflavored organic CBD with natural carrier oils. However, carrier oils may vary according to effectiveness and safety. For instance, CBD tinctures that contain propylene glycol may be unhealthy for oral consumption, so keep this in mind.

  • Verify the hemp source

The best CBD brands use safe carrier oils such as hemp seed oil to make their products. Hemp plant oil is relatively safe, which is why many manufacturers in the United States source it from popular wholesalers like 25 Hour Farms. High-quality CBD oils are typically sourced from USDA-certified and organically grown hemp plants, devoid of harmful herbicides, pesticides, and other dangerous chemicals.

  • Check the lab results

Most CBD tinctures come with lab results included in the Certificate of Analysis (COA). If you find CBD oils that are not lab-tested, that may indicate the product is low-quality. Lab test results may differ in reliability and accuracy, so consider this before buying any brand. Companies that test their products in their in-house labs may not be trustworthy, so you may want to look for brands that use independent third-party laboratories.

Good lab reports should validate the legal limit of THC in the product, verify that there are no harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, and indicate information on the terpenes in the oil. It’s worth noting that terpenes offer benefits in hemp similar to CBD, so identifying what types are in the oil can tell its effectiveness.

  • Weigh the potency

Ensuring the dosage is correct is important to enjoy your CBD oil’s benefits to the fullest. Many beginners make mistakes by interpreting high potency as better quality. However, this is not always true, so keep this in mind.

  • Choose between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum

Bottles of CBD Oil

Full-spectrum CBD oils contain a vast variety of cannabinoids like CBD and trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If you need the entourage effect, consider using full-spectrum products to enhance the healing power of your oil.

However, you should note that broad-spectrum CBD oils have similar compounds as full-spectrum but with no detectable THC. This type of CBD oil may be perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of several cannabinoids without the psychoactive component.


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