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A good night’s sleep is hard to come by these days. Between work, family, daily stress, and the new episode of your favorite series (which happens to air at 11 PM), it’s a wonder you get any sleep at all.

Many turn to medication and other substances to help relax, but what if there was a way to naturally alter your body chemistry to promote the best sleep of your life? According to studies, that’s the power of a weighted blanket.

These body-hugging blankets are all the rage with insomniacs, chronic worriers, light sleepers, and overthinkers.

Here’s how a weighted blanket can improve your sleep, too.

Instant Relaxation

When you use a weighted blanket, an instant feeling of relaxation comes over you. This is caused by an actual chemical change in your body.

Woman reading on Love Seat under a Weighted Blanket

The scientific term for this effect is called deep touch pressure stimulation. It’s the type of physical contact that makes your body feel like it’s in a “safe space.” And when your body feels safe, it triggers the “chill out” hormones that make you feel tired and snuggly.

This hormone is called melatonin (also called the sleep hormone), and your body produces more of it when you’re wrapped in a weighted blanket.

Lower Stress

Relaxation is good and all, but what about those pesky intruding thoughts and stresses that won’t buzz off when your head hits the pillow?

Weighted blankets can shoo those away too.

When your body releases melatonin to help you relax, it decreases cortisol (the stress hormone). This lowers tension in your body, decreases your heart rate, and makes your cares seem far away.

Less Tossing and Turning

Have you ever truly slept “like a log?” With a weighted blanket, your body gets the downtime it needs and doesn’t flail around at night like a ragdoll (your partner hates that, by the way).

The weight applied to your body limits movement, so you only move around if you need to. Deep touch pressure stimulation also puts you into a deep “log-like” sleep state where you catch the best Zs uninterrupted.

Tip: Choose a weighted blanket that’s about 10% of your body weight for optimal relaxation.

Deeper Sleep

Participants in weighted blanket studies slept for longer at night and felt more refreshed in the morning.

Woman napping under weighted blanket

This is because weighted blankets create the perfect conditions for deep, restorative sleep. Your body is in full sleep mode on the inside, and you’re kept cozy and secure on the outside. Is there any better feeling? Maybe that’s why so many weighted blanket users never go back to normal blankets.

Super Soft

We can’t say that all weighted blankets are super soft, but they should be! A plush and cozy weighted blanket will make bedtime all the more pleasurable. You always get more sleep when you want to go to bed early!

Tip: If you want a ridiculously soft weighted blanket, we recommend Aurora. It’s made of royal velvet, which you have to feel to believe.  

Feels Like a Great Big Bear-Hug

When’s the last time you had a really long, satisfying bear-hug? Just remember that feeling for a minute. We’ll wait…

Pretty good, right?

We can’t say that a weighted blanket will take the place of your favorite bear-hugger. But the good news is, from a physiological standpoint, your body can’t really tell the difference.

That means you can enjoy the wrapped-up, comfortable, snuggly bliss of a bear-hug every night with a weighted blanket.

Good Sleep Made Easy

Falling asleep is hard for millions of Americans, but weighted blankets are a real solution.

And they’re not one-size-fits-all, either. You can choose a weighted blanket with your ideal weight, make, and features.

For example, the Aurora Blanket is 99.9% antibacterial. It’s infused with pure copper, which eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, mites, and fungus on contact. For germophobes, families, and animal-lovers, a germ-free blanket gets rid of any lingering stress before hitting the sheets.

Breathability is another great feature to look for. The last thing you want is a weighted blanket that sleeps hot. Aurora is made with breathable velvet to encourage airflow, and it’s weighted with temperature-neutral glass beads (not plastic!). This prevents overheating and night sweats even on summer nights.

Are you ready to experience better sleep with a weighted blanket? Search for the perfect blanket for you, or give Aurora a try. You can find out more about this antibacterial, super-soft weighted blanket at aurorablanket.com.

How Using a Weighted Blanket Can Instantly Improve Your Sleep

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