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Humanely Raised Colorado Beef from Christiansen Ranch

Pasture Raised – Hormone Free – Antibiotic Free – Red Angus Beef

As much as I would like to be a vegetarian – I LOVE MEAT.  I really really do.  And beef is my favorite.  A juicy burger, tender roast, melt in your mouth steak.  I’m hungry just thinking about it. So, when I was able to receive a Rocky Mountain Box from Christensen Ranch I was thrilled!

Humanely Raised Colorado Beef from Christiansen Ranch

What’s inside the box? 18 – 22lbs of naturally raised beef, including:
2 NY Strip Steak
2 Rib Eye Steak
2 Sirloin Steak
1 Chuck Roast
1 Bottom Round Roast
Single Source Ground Beef

About Christensen Ranch

Christensen Ranch believes in transparency, from pasture to plate. Our herd of Red Angus cattle is raised naturally and responsibly on the expansive plains of Eastern Colorado. We believe in providing natural Red Angus beef that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones and we are committed to following humane handling practices for our herd every step of the way, from calving to processing.

Of course, the taste is up there on my list of must haves, but the fact that the cattle raised for Christensen Ranch beef are pasture raised and corn finished…that they can roam freely in the fresh air and sunshine. With 4 generations of the Christensen Family having worked their ranch, they have it down to a science.  That, along with mother nature, results in some of the most delicious meet I have ever tasted.

My son – who does the bulk of the cooking in our home, thought that it would be fun to do a side by side taste test.  He was already impressed with the packaging, but wanted to know what I thought.  I picked the Christensen Ranch beef every time.  Hands down, the real taste test is with simply cooked meat – very little seasoning with little to no garnish.  Then the true flavor of the meat stands out.  From stir fly to steaks on the grill.

Available in 8lb. – 10 lbs. Collections and 18 lb. – 20 lb. Collections. Pictured in the Rocky Mountain Collection.

So let’s do talk packaging.  Meat is shipped out every Tuesday so that it can be received by Thursday or Friday.  Each piece of meat is individually packaged and frozen.  Shipments arrive in a heavy duty Styrofoam cooler which is tucked inside a sturdy box.  It arrived still completely frozen. I’m not quite sure of why this is the case, but once removed from the freezer, Christensen Ranch beef seems to thaw faster than meats that we purchase at the supermarket.  This means that even if we forget to move meat from the freezer to the fridge early in the day, we can still have a home cooked meal that night.

Humanely Raised Colorado Beef from Christensen Ranch

Please check them out.  Give a gift box to yourself this holiday season.  Gather round the table and enjoy a delicious meal together!

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Humanely Raised Colorado Beef from Christensen Ranch

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6 thoughts on “Humanely Raised Colorado Beef from Christensen Ranch

  1. This is the kind of beef I’d like to buy for my family – antibiotic and hormone-free. It’s so interesting that it thaws faster than supermarket meats. I’d definitely appreciate that because I forget to plan ahead sometimes.

  2. Thank you for this information. I’m going to have to give them a try! I love that their meat is free of hormones and antibiotics! So important to me.

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