What would my kids miss the  most about me, if I were abducted by Martians?


 Oh – How I used to wish that this could happen…
Well not exactly that I would be abducted by aliens, 
but that I would just get a respite from the day to day
responsibilities that go with raising a large family.
What my kids would have missed then, would  I think,
be much different than what they would miss  now.
When my kids were babies, they would miss their mommy,
carried them for nine months, went through labor and delivery,
and who nursed them every time they were hungry,
and changed their diapers.
They would miss their mommy, who loved them form the moment
that she knew of their existance.Their mommy who held them tight,
and rocked them, and sang to them.

When my children were small  they would miss their mommy, 
who wiped their noses, and kissed their boo-boos.
They would miss their mommy who played with them when they were in the tub,
and read endless stories to them.
The would miss their mommy who could always find
their favorite blanket, teddy bear, or toy.

When they were a little older, they would have missed their
mom who remembered if they liked mustard or mayonaise
on their bologna sandwich, and if they liked plain
or bbq potato chips, in their lunch boxes.
They would miss their mom, who would drive to school
if they left their homework on the dining room table.
They would miss their mom, who had cookies and milk
ready for them, when they walked in the door each afternoon.

As teenagers, they would have probably only missed 
their mom, when they needed clean clothes – LOL!
As my children have grown and matured, 
they have become my friends as well as my children.
Many now have children of their own.
Now, I think that they would miss their mom, 
who doesn’t mind getting calls in the middle of the night
when they are worried that their babies temperature might be 
higher than normal.  They would miss their mom, who can find
talk them through a recipe, and who knows how to get magic marker of of a sofa.
They would miss their mom,when they want to share the special things in their lives,
or have a funny story to tell…and sadly, they would miss
their mom, when their hearts are breaking, and there seems
to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Oh how grateful I am, that the Martians have left me be.
I think that my children might be too:-)
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If I Was Abducted By Martians…

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