Industry Trend: Vintage Themed Weddings

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When deciding on a design theme for the wedding, many couples and planners are drawing inspiration from the past by adopting a vintage theme for the celebration of a future together.

To a certain extent, “vintage” can mean whatever you want it to mean. The definition of the word is something that dates from the past and is of enduring quality or interest. A vintage theme could draw from a particular era, such as the decades of the 1950s or 1920s.

However, vintage wedding décor often draws inspiration from the 19th century or earlier. There are some common elements that tend to show up more often at a vintage-themed wedding. Wedding rentals Austin are likely to carry the following types of vintage items.

Clothing and Accessories

When it comes to bridal attire, many traditions date back to Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840. She chose a white dress trimmed with lace, in part to support the British textile industry. She created such a sensation that white lace dresses were the norm for decades thereafter. As such, lace is popular trend in vintage weddings, not only for dresses but as decorative elements for reception venues.

Being the worlds oldest gemstone, pearls certainly fit the definition of “vintage” as something of enduring interest. Human beings have valued pearls for centuries for their smooth luster. Pearl jewelry is classic, and the iridescent sheen of pearls can also be incorporated into the décor of the reception.


With vintage-themed weddings currently trending, it should be fairly easy to find furniture rental for weddings featuring classic and timeless pieces. As an example, designers are putting mirrors to creative uses as signs to welcome guests to the reception and announce the menu. The most popular mirrors and other pieces of vintage furniture feature ornate, Baroque style decorative elements.


Depending on your personality, vintage decorations can be rustic and folksy or elegant and refined. Popular vintage design elements include tin cans and suitcases on one side of the spectrum and tea sets and bird cages on the other.

Get a Personalized Touch

A vintage-themed wedding should be a reflection of your personality and what is important to you.

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