Ink – The App…Special Code for Libby's Library Readers

Have you heard of Ink?

LOL – not the ink that goes into your ball point pen…

The Ink app!

From the Sponsor:

Ink is an App that enables people to customize and mail unique cards from your iPhone, Android or tablet without a trip to the cluttered greeting card aisle–or to the Post Office. You can add your own photos, special notes, and other personal touches with just a few clicks, and then a few days later a totally custom card arrives in the recipient’s mailbox!

This year, Ink Cards is taking Easter eggs to a whole new level. Use your phone to create real cards that turn into egg accessories – stand up photo frames, bouquets of flowers, and of course, cute little bunnies. Share your creations with friends, family, and kids as they dye and egg-cessorize Easter eggs.

Along with these exclusive designs, Ink Card’s Easter collection also features photo and non-photo cards in various styles – traditional Easter prints, religious cards, and fun springtime designs.

Ink is a totally free app to download and each card is just $1.99  That includes everything: customization, postage, etc.

From Me:

I was able to download the app, make a card and have it “sent” in less than 5 minutes…and you all KNOW how technically challenged  I am.  So, if I can do it, anyone can! I LOVE that you can grab photos from your phone’s gallery, and add them to the cards…I have a granddaughter who is going to go gaga, when her Easter card arrives in the mail.

PS – Within a few seconds of placing my order, I received a confirmation email.

 Here is an exclusive – Just for Libby’s Library readers.  Get 20 CREDITS (not cards!) per user.

Thanks so much to Ink and DavEllePR, from giving me credits to make my cards, and for the code for my readers.  As always, the opinions that I’ve expressed are 100% mine.



Ink – The App…Special Code for Libby's Library Readers

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