Interesting Hobbies You Can Start Right From Home

Do you want to pick up a new hobby? But maybe you don’t have time to join a class or start an online course? Well we’ve got some good news for you! It’s perfectly possible to have fun things to do without needing to make space for weekly groups or lesson time before bed. Sure, getting out and about is good, but sometimes you just want to stay in and kick back! 

And thankfully, there are plenty of interesting hobbies out there that allow you to do just that. You don’t have to go anywhere to get started with the suggestions down below (except maybe to the shops to pick up a few supplies), and they’re still interesting enough to keep you entertained. 

Interesting Hobbies You Can Start Right From Home / Blank Sketchbook on a table with a cup or water and a number of paintbrushes

Buy Some Houseplants

Taking care of houseplants is a great way to kick up a love of gardening without actually needing a big garden out back. And there’s a lot of skill involved in keeping houseplants alive; they seem to die quite easily when they’re under such specialized conditions. Taking time to understand what they really need, where they need to go, and how to feed and water them is a big deal. 

So if your home could do with a bit more green around it, why not buy some houseplants the next time you’re near a garden center? Spider plants are usually a good variant to start with, thanks to how forgiving a species they are, but you can buy any plant you like the look of and then do some research into caring for them.

Try Your Hand at Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art involved in writing, and it’s something you’ll see a lot in old books. But instead of being a stuffy old skill that has no place in the modern world, it’s actually a great hobby to take up. Learn How to use a fountain pen and you can craft high art pieces with just fonts and your understanding of typeface. That’ll always look impressive when you can add another unique piece to the walls of your home! 

To get started, you just need to know how to hold a pen. And if you’ve over the age of 5, you should be more than capable! However, calligraphy is one of those skills that is easy to pick up but a little difficult to master. But the more you practice, the more smooth and block colored your lines will be. Keep a notebook on hand for practicing in and save bigger sheets for the projects you actually care about. 

Get to Grips with DIY

DIY is such a great life skill to have under your belt, and it’s actually quite a fun hobby as well! If you know how to use a toolbox, you can make all kinds of things for your home without needing to spend anywhere near the premium price of a furniture store. You can build shelves, cabinets, side tables, and even your own bed if you get confident enough. 

All you need to get started are a few tools and a project in mind. And once you’ve completed a few of these, you can then apply your new skills to the house itself. You’ll rarely have to call out repair services to get something done – your DIY knowledge will mean you can have a go yourself. And when you know how your house works, you feel much more secure as a homeowner. 

Make Candles and Soap

Woman Making Candles

Making your own soap and candles are quite similar activities, so you can bundle them both in together. There are many different processes for each activity and finding the one you like best takes some time, but it’s a fun journey of discovery nonetheless! Even bad candles mean progress!

You’ll need to head out to get the right ingredients in, but once you do you can stock up for months on end and make some wonderfully fragrant items to use around your home. You can follow various recipes but also come up with some of your own, and even start giving out your creations to friends and family. 

If you want to pick up a new hobby, you don’t have to go far! You can start right at home with suggestions like those above, and all you need is a bit of time to try them. And remember, it’s always fun to come out the other side with a new skill and something physical to show for all your effort!


15 thoughts on “Interesting Hobbies You Can Start Right From Home

  • What fun ideas. I know my daughter would love to make some candles.

  • I love these! Thanks for sharing! My son does woodworking and engraving at home and we are looking to expand and maybe start doing screen printing as well.

  • I tried gardening inside and I did not do well. I do so much better with an outdoor garden.

  • These are all wonderful candles, I always wanted to try making candles at home.

  • I do hand-lettering but have been wanting to take calligraphy lessons. It’s very relaxing!

  • It was to nice to know about these hobbies. I already practice making candles at home often

  • Wow! These are great hobbies that everyone can do at home. It’s great doing this stuff to keep us occupied while having fun.

  • My husband is the So-Called King of DIY, I let him try his hands at it, then call the pros, lol.

  • I really want to make my own soap with essential oils. I think that would be a lot of fun and something my family could use.

  • I do all of these except the soap making. Maybe I should give that one a try! ha!

  • I really love these ideas! I already tried making candles with my kids! I really enjoy reading this post! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • Making candles at home is such an awesome idea! I will try it with my daughter!

  • Love this and I am a crafter for sure! I also love the idea of Calligraphy! I had several kits as a kif=d and would love to try my hand at it again. So pretty!

  • It would be fun to have some side activities and hobbies. I used to do Calligraphy in college and I miss doing it!


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