Is Health Insurance Worth It? This is Everything You Need to Know

For young people, paying for health insurance may seem like a costly idea if money is tight. If you’re healthy and in good shape, paying large amounts for health insurance might not seem worth it.

But foregoing health insurance may cost you more in the long run. So is health insurance worth it? Read on to learn more.

Who Needs Health Insurance?

The short answer is that just about everyone should get health insurance. If you’re in the market for coverage, you might have already discovered that getting health insurance can be expensive.

Up until 2019, one could be fined for not having health insurance. Some states may still uphold the penalty and may charge you for not enrolling.

Along with the high costs, this may make it tempting to not get health insurance. However, this may work for someone with great luck, but accidents can happen at the most unexpected times.

People who depend on necessary medications should definitely be covered. Out of pocket prescriptions can add up.

Luckily, there are many different coverage options that allow you to tailor a plan that fits your needs.

You may want to make a checklist of things important to you. Assess your lifestyle and work plans. Not every health insurance plan will work for you, so it’s important to do your research.

If you’re self-employed or plan to freelance and travel often, you may be interested in getting a short term plan. If you have questions about short term health insurance, check out this page for more information.

For example, if you’re in good health but are involved in extreme sports, you may want to go with a coverage option that covers a sudden trip to the emergency room.

If you have a serious disease like diabetes or require monthly refills such as birth control, you’ll want coverage that offers a lower co-pay.

Unforeseen Medical Emergencies

Tragedy can strike at any time. Unfortunately, that means we may not always be able to account for expensive medical costs.

Just one single trip to the emergency room can leave a family or loved one in serious debt.

When the bill is larger than one can afford, interest builds up on expensive surgery and treatment. This can make the cost of an emergency double or triple in no time, leaving you with little financial options.

Even if you are careful and stray away from dangerous activities, you may fall victim to someone else’s carelessness. Unexpected car accidents, trips and falls, and other injuries can leave you in a hospital bed.

Freak accidents aren’t the only tragedy that can sneak up on you. You may develop an undetected chronic illness such as cancer. Such an illness can be difficult to detect in its early stages.

But once diagnosed, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered for all of the post-op treatments and preventative care that will follow.

A Family History of Medical Needs

If you have a family history of illnesses and diseases such as heart failure or diabetes, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered. Though you might be healthy now, your family history makes you predisposed to these conditions.

With the right health insurance, you’ll be able to take preventative tests that can save you medical trouble down the line. In return, you’ll actually save more money and trips to the emergency room.

If you’re a recent or expecting parent and have a family history of diseases, you’ll want to make sure your dependents are covered.

Children need proper medical care to grow up strong and healthy. Regular visits to the doctor for vaccinations and physical exams could prevent your child from developing conditions that may affect them later on in life.

Caring for a growing family while balancing work can be a stressful experience. Having debt on top of that can make it worse. Going bankrupt as a result of medical bills can leave you with crippling emotional distress.

Being covered can prevent you from financial stress while trying to care for a growing family. By choosing the right insurance plan, you’ll cover your child’s needs as well as your own.

Valuing Your Personal Health

Every successful person knows that in order to be productive, one must value a healthy body and mind.

When sickness strikes, it can impact your ability to work and make a living. It can also bring an incredible amount of stress and anxiety into your life. When you’re disabled or bedridden, you may experience depression or lack of motivation.

Your health plays a large role in your happiness. Having health insurance allows you to seek the medical care you need in a timely manner.

Health coverage is expanding beyond what we know it to be. Nowadays, coverage options offer gym memberships and mental health resources for a more holistic approach to healthcare.

You may actually save more by getting coverage if you’re planning on finding a membership to a workout facility.

Some policies even cover your pet’s health, so it’s important to look out for what each coverage offers and how it works best for you.

Is Health Insurance Worth It?

So is health insurance worth it? Though health coverage may not be mandated in your state as of 2019, it is essential to your wellness and financial wellbeing.

Health insurance coverage provides peace of mind for when tragedy strikes, and it can also help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For more health and lifestyle tips, check out our page.


Is Health Insurance Worth It? This is Everything You Need to Know

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