Wow, have we ever had some crazy weather here on the Funny Farm. The Deep South has experienced some really cold temps this winter!  Normally winter here just means that it will drop below 90 degrees.  So far since the first week in December it’s snowed twice and it’s gotten down as low as 13.  Although I thought the weather was awesome – THE GIRLS DIDN’T.

It's Been Cold on the Funny Farm
The snow covered the “fairy” lights, and I would have to go out and scape it off of the solar panel.
It's Been Cold on the Funny Farm
This is about as close to the snow as Rosie would venture. Once they got up onto our back porch (not a pretty site at the end of each day), they did enjoy eating the snow.

They’re glad that it has finally warmed up…but you should see my sad face:-( From this point on, it will quickly creep up into the 90’s every day.

Egg production dropped for about 2 weeks, but things are are now back on track.  We get between 3 and 5 eggs each day, and before long our new girls will start laying. Meet Annie Yolkley, Petula Cluck, Victoria JacksHen and Henrietta Pecktowker…Barred Rock and Gold Sex Link hens.

It's Been Cold on the Funny Farm

Speaking of eggs. Rosie, Thelma, Louise, Penny, Foggy and one of the Silkies are laying for me. Just look at these beauties! We often give our extras to the neighbors who seem to enjoy them as much as we do.

It's Been Cold on the Funny Farm
Top (Blue) laid by Louise our Easter Egger. Left (Light Brown) laid by Rosie our Cochin. Right (Brown) laid by Thelma our Red Sex Link. Bottom (White) laid by Foggy our Leghorn.

It's Been Cold on the Funny Farm

I usually check for eggs a couple of times a day.  They seem to prefer laying in the Eglu Go Up, but now and then, I’ll find an egg in the other coop. On occasion, I’ll come across one in an odd place (like in the compost pile).

It's Been Cold on the Funny Farm
LOL – My adorable plush Rachel from The Chicken Chick, in the Eglu Coop.

If you are interested in keeping a few backyard chickens, I would highly recommend it.  They are so much fun, and fresh eggs taste so much better than store bought.  I thought that was just something the chicken owners said, but it really is true. The yolks are a deep orange and the whites don’t spread as much when they are in the frying pan. They shells are stronger too. And another thing, when boiled the eggs don’t get that greyish ring around the yolk after a day or two in the fridge.

Many cities allow backyard chickens, although some limit you to the number you can have. And you can always fly under the radar, if you bribe your neighbors with fresh eggs! Next time I’ll share some things that I have learned over the last months, that I hope will help if you do decide to take the leap.

It’s Been Cold on the Funny Farm

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  1. ihad farm and i had over 30 chicken and then duck geese and then the turkey i bput the turkey int there own pin but the chicken and geese duck and guineas all stayed in one building and they in joy the weather when it got cold i had to break up the ice mo does not get to much storms

  2. Have to take you back to today..September 21, in Edmonton, Alberta Canada…we have had 7 days of snow (thankfully not successive) and temperatures of below zero celcius already..I am scared our December this year

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