Keeping Your Kids Safe by the Pool

Owning your own pool is a great way to stay fit and kids will love having a pool in their own yard. But pools can be dangerous, and a lot of domestic accidents involving young children are due to open water such as pools, ponds, and even spa tubs. That’s why you should make sure kids are kept safe when you have a pool installed and following the tips below can help you spot some of the common dangers.

Keeping Your Kids Safe by the Pool

Swimming lessons are a good idea

If you own a pool, then all the kids in your home should learn how to swim. Of course, you’ll be in the pool to supervise when you’re all playing together, but if your child falls in the pool, they need to be able to rescue themselves. It’s worth booking into swimming training for children.  Or, you could choose aa course of Melbourne’s leading swimming lessons, so your children are confident in and around the water. Swimming Lessons could potentially be lifesaving one day, so are an important investment for those who are installing a pool.

Make sure kids know the rules

You should also make sure there are rules around using the pool. This might include:

  • · No diving or bombing
  • · Only going in the pool if an adult is in there
  • · No running around the pool
  • · No messing around by the pool, such as pushing and shoving

Kids should be able to enjoy the pool and play games, or float their inflatables, but they need to understand that there are rules in place too, which can keep them safe.

Fit a pool alarm

A pool alarm is an essential if you have younger children, who may get distracted and wander into the pool area. Basically, it detects motion in the pool, so if a child falls in, you’ll be alerted straight away. Pool alarms are cheap and easy to fit, so there’s no reason not to have one.

A pool thermometer can help keep you comfortable

Children are small and can be put in danger if they jump into a pool that’s too cold. That’s why you should fit a digital pool thermometer, to make sure the temperature is comfortable. On hot days, kids will spend a lot of time in the pool, which can be dangerous if its too cold, as their bodies may not be able to adjust to the extremes.

Build a fence

In some areas, pool fencing is a legal requirement, whether you have children or not. There are also requirements around things like gates, poolside furniture, and lots of other details, all designed to ensure the safety of children. If you’re unsure whether your current fencing is sufficient, it’s worth getting a pool inspection, as this will ensure every base is covered.

Pools can be a source of concern for parents, as kids will often want to dive right in, without thinking of the consequences. It’s important to put pool safety measures in place in your home, so that you can enjoy your pool, without having to deal with an emergency situation.

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