If you love your pets, and you like taking and sharing photos of them…

Klooff  is for YOU!

Klooff is a mobile app that allows users to create profiles for their pets…

which allows them to upload pet photos and interact with other pet lovers through check-ins, and maybe make the dog park scene a little easier. Users can share content with Facebook and Twitter contacts and upload Instagram photos.

The experience is gamified, rewarding pet lovers with “Klooff Points” when they interact in the app.

Klooff users obtain levels and badges according to how active they are with their pets. The badges are “Cute”, “Posh”, “Tuff”, “Funny”, “Photo”. Badges are earned when people vote on your pet’s photo. For example, if your dog has 5 pics which gets more than 10 “Cutes” vote, your pet will earn the Cute Badge.

 Klooff.com has provided my with a cute dog bed in exchange for featuring them here on Libby’s Library, AND they are going to provide one for one of my readers.  This dog bed is included in the big Libby’s Lucky 13K Facebook Fan Celebration.


Klooff.com – The Mobile App for Pet Lovers

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