I’m pleased to be able to do this Review, for all of you today.

lynda_logo-460x232 in an online video tutorial and training website, where you learn at your own pace.  You can search for tutorials by Subject (such as photography, business or design), by Software (like Acrobat, Lightroom and Vimeo), or by Author – from A to Z.

Pricing plans are by month or annul, and there are basic and premium memberships. has over 107,000 tutorials, and with the premium membership, you have access to exercise files.  No matter what your schedule is like, is “open 24/7”!

At this time there are 2,217 courses available and more courses are added each week.

You can go HERE to watch a short video (just over a minute in length) by Lynda Weinman (co-founder), explaining the basics of the program.

I was provided with a 30 day membership, in order to check out the programs that are offered.  At first I was a little intimidated by the courses available.  They all seemed to be Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay  over my head.  BUT, after really looking through the courses offered, I got inspired.  I have wanted to learn more about using Dropbox to it’s full advantage, so I was thrilled to find Amazon on the list of subjects.  There are three courses in “Amazon”.  One is at the beginner level and the other two are considered intermediate.  Right now, I am working on the beginner course called, Up and Running with Cloud Storage API’s (Amazon, S3 and Dropbox)  In the introduction there are several short clips which include a welcome, “what you need to know”, a “how to” use the exercise files, and information on how to use the “challenges” throughout the course.  Because new concepts do not come easily to me, it’s great that I can go back over any portion of the course as often as I need.

There are even suggestions on what courses naturally follow, and these video links are directly below the course table of contents.

If you are interested in learning more in this fast paced technological world that we now live in, I highly recommend  Believe me – if I can learn from, YOU can learn too!

Please keep watch, because has provided me with a 3 month membership to give away.  It will be posted in the M.O.O.N. Ultimate Gift Guide giveaway.



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