Making An Old Dog Feel Comfortable At Home

You’ve watched one pet video too many, and you can’t take the pain anymore. Too many senior dogs deserve a loving home, and too few of them are adopted. You never used to think much of it until you’ve discovered what happens to the dogs nobody wants…

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So, today is a big day: You’ve decided to adopt an old dog! As a new pet owner, you can be proud of you. You are making a huge difference to the life of an animal, and you can be sure your dog will be forever grateful to find happiness by your side. However, adopting an aging dog can be challenging. You need to consider the comfort and safety of your furry friend as well as his (or her) emotions.

You need an adequate carrier

First of all, if you’ve never had a pet before, you probably are unaware of pet carriers. It’s not safe to travel with a dog wandering freely at the back or front of your vehicle. You need to check popular dog kennel choices online. You should also make sure your pet has a pet to call his own –  you can find out more about it on These accessories are essential to the safety and comfort of your animal as they convey an important message to the dog; he is here to stay.

You should create a safe spot

Adopting a pet is not only about changing an animal’s life. You also need to change your interior to meet your dog’s needs. Firstly, your senior dog needs a comfortable and peaceful spot in your house when he can rest without being disturbed. You also want to consider safety factors, such as the presence of potentially poisonous material. Some houseplants, for instance, can be harmful if ingested. Additionally, you want to keep dangerous items such as wires, electric devices or even chemical products out of reach.

Choose age-friendly toys

Old dogs may not feel comfortable running for hours in the garden, but it doesn’t they can’t play! On the contrary, playing with your pet is crucial to his happiness and his mental health. That’s precisely why lists a vast range of toys to enhance the lives of dogs with canine cognitive dysfunction by helping pets to engage their senses. Besides, playing can help to maintain and protect cognitive abilities for healthy dogs.

Make lots of happy memories

Dogs have a short life expectancy compared to people, but it doesn’t mean they can’t make plenty of memories during their short time on earth. Outdoors holidays are a favorite, especially to engage your dog’s sensory functions. A dog that has spent most of his life in a kennel loves the feeling of fresh air and grass! Consequently, you can’t adopt a senior dog unless you’re ready to plan dog-friendly vacations. San Diego, for example, offers an ideal combination of pleasant weather, plenty of parks, and even ice creams for your pup! If you prefer something quieter, book your holiday in Austin and take your pet to a session of dog yoga!

An old dog is a manageable animal for a first-time pet owner. They are not only a lot quieter than puppies, but they tend to be already house-trained too. Additionally, a senior dog will be immensely grateful for your affection. All it takes to make it work is to tweak your routine slightly to make room for a dog!

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