Making Your Outfit Functional!

Fashion is huge in the 21st century; it’s the way that we represent and express ourselves to the outside world, and it’s the way that we judge others based on what they’re wearing! However, we can’t just be walking around in an outfit that doesn’t do anything for us, it has to be functional as well as fashionable, so carry on reading to learn how to blend the two!

Making Your Outfit Functional!


We all know how much accessories boost the look of an outfit. They’re what is known as force multipliers; they make whatever is already there better, without actually being much on their own. Most accessories aren’t really actually that functional, things like earrings and necklaces are purely for fashion, so how do we make them functional? Well, if you buy some like a womens automatic watch, you’re going to have a flashy show piece as well as it being able to tell you the time. Being able to tell the time from a watch in itself is quite a fashionable thing to do as it looks quite classy, so get on this one quick!


When we go on a night out, one of the first things we think about is our bags, most notably our clutch bags! However, clutch bags and even more handbags are horrendously lacking in a proper function. They are designed to be show pieces and not a lot of thought actually goes into their storage capabilities, which is the whole reason that we buy them! Getting a functional handbag is going to be a bit bigger than your everyday handbag, but it’s going to look just as good and make an even bigger statement, and you’re going to have the room inside to actually do stuff with!


Shoes can either make or break an outfit; you’re going to want to make sure that they fit the current fashion trend, but also that they fit you well and are comfortable! Many of us fall in the trap of buying shoes because they look nice without actually trying them on, and when we eventually do go to put them on they’re horrendously uncomfortable and don’t fit us right. This is what we’re referring to as functionless shoes because they just don’t work for us. If you get a pair of functional shoes though, they’re going to fit and be comfortable and they’re going to take whatever you throw at them whilst still being fashionable so you can use your shoes as they were intended!

Doing all of these things is going to make your outfit much more functional and usable! Get a watch and ditch the bracelets so you can use what you’re wearing as well as adding a hint of class to your look, get a better and bigger handbag that is actually usable so you can store things inside it and get some comfortable yet fashionable shoes to make sure that you don’t ruin your feet! With the seasons changing from summer to fall, you’re going to have to keep in line with the fashion of the time, so read this to learn how to make the perfect fall outfit!


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