mifold Grab-n-Go Booster: Convenient AND Safe

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Having young children, means equipment, and lots of it! Some of the things, like a car seat or a booster, is a must have. With my van being the primary car to drive around the kiddos in, I have the bulkier, more installation intense, high back, 5 point harness booster for my 4 year old.  While I love the booster seat that I have for my Nolie Bear, its a pain to move (especially since he insist on sitting in the 3rd row). Because of this, there is no way that I am going to move it for every whim that he has, like wanting to ride in daddy’s or his grandparents car for a 5 minute drive. So, for the times that he wants to go on an adventure with someone else, there is the mifold Grab-n-Go Booster!

Ready for adventure with his mifold!


The mifold Grab-n-Go Booster

Using super tough plastic polymers and aircraft grade aluminium, top designers, engineers and industry experts together have created mifold – now we are ready to Grab-and-Go!

“It’s 10x smaller and just as safe” Safety claim based on mifold’s compliance with car safety regulations for child restraint systems in different territories. See our FAQs for specific details of the territories in which mifold is compliant with local regulations

mifold Grab-n-Go Booster

When I received the mifold Grab-n-Go Booster to review, my husband  claimed it immediately . He loves that he can now always have a seat for our pre-schooler in his car, that doesn’t take up half of the back seat and can be neatly stowed away in the glove compartment box! Being able to stash the booster, inside the car, opens a whole new world for working fathers on the go. It means going from shuttling around a car full of clients to the school pick up line, as easy as 1-2-3. No extra stops to grab a booster that was removed to make room. It works so well, and is so convenient, the grandparent’s want one for their car too. It is amazing that it is so safe for our son, yet so lightweight and easy to use. And messy spills are no issue…just clean with soap and water.  No need to remove bulky covers.

How does the mifold Grab-n-Go Booster work?

Mifold, open, positioned and ready for action!
Ready to go!

A regular booster lifts a child to be in the position of an adult. mifold does the exact opposite … instead of lifting the child up, it holds the seatbelt down … it’s that simple. mifold is engineered to protect children from the age of 4 all the way up to 12.

Check it out for yourself or the father in your child’s life…You’ll be so glad that you did!

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mifold Grab-n-Go Booster: Convenient AND Safe

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214 thoughts on “mifold Grab-n-Go Booster: Convenient AND Safe

  1. That is so cool, I definitely need to try that! So much easier to have on hand and takes up less space.

  2. Wow that’s an amazing change in booster chairs. Much more convenient to store and use than the older booster chairs that I used

  3. I never really thought of how high a booster seat can make a child. I wish so many of today’s products were available for my girls when they were young.

  4. This is perfect! You don’t have to sorry about having to move it if the child isn’t in the car and you have people that don’t need a booster!

  5. great idea, switching seats between cars is always a chore and doesn’t always seem that we are running late and in a rush – this sounds ideal for families with elementary school age children

  6. These look good. It’s nice they aren’t bulky, would make the kids feel a little a little less confined.

  7. Wow. Always something new coming out. I like the FAQs. I would have to exhaustively review before I chose this over a booster seat, but I’m just old school like that and hard to convince of change when it comes to kids safety.

  8. Great! It is such a pain to transfer carseats etc. from vehicle to vehicle. This alleviate lots of extra work and time.

  9. Wonderful idea! sounds like the best thing that could happen to a booster seat. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This looks pretty neat! Plus, it has to be so much easier for when your child goes elsewhere or in a different vehicle. I hate struggling with the car seats.

  11. I definitely would have loved to have a few of these when we traveled on an airplane to see family this summer! Luckily my cousin had extra car seats, but I have 3 kids so we still have to lug one booster around.

  12. This would be so cool to use in my car when transporting the grandkids. Needed it when my kids were young.

  13. This would make ca great gift for someone with small children. Portable, light weight and easy to store away in the vehicle. Nice!

  14. What a great product! So many new, innovative products have come on the market since my girls were little. I really wish I had some of them then!

  15. These are so nice. So convenient and easy to use and safe for our children. Thank you so much for sharing

  16. I love this idea for my grandchildren. So much easier and still so safe. Thank you so much for sharing

  17. I like it is approved for use and has a 7 year warranty to work. And bringing the seatbelt down to child’s shoulders with adjusting is better than having them up higher with seatbelt on face. This is great.

  18. I wonder about the legality of this. States wants those big old booster seats. I can see a cop pulling someone over just to check.

  19. I need these for my two grandchildren. They sound great and so easy to use. I love how they fold up for storage. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  20. this makes a lot of sense for soemone like me who does not have a car but sometimes needs a carseat.

  21. I wonder what the legality is with this product. Do kids still need the booster seats with this? What are the limits? This would be amazing instead of always swapping seats.

  22. this is a cool little item……….. I have a great niece and in the next year I will want to pick her up and take her places. This would be just perfect to have in my car

  23. My grandkids are just about ready to move into boosters from full-sized chairs. This would be perfect for the grandparents!

  24. First of all, he’s such a cute little guy and reminds me of my oldest son when he was little with the blonde hair and blue eyes. You should be very proud (as I know you are) of such a cutie pie. Now back to business… I have 11 grandchildren and wow, that would really come in handy for my daughter with her four or when NaNee has her grandbabies for the day. Thanks for sharing! woo hoo…

  25. Thanks for reviewing the mifold Grab-n-Go Booster! I was not aware of this product, nor the time and energy it would save to use it. Definitely a must have.

  26. I wish they had some of the newest products when my girls were little. Such a convenient and practical idea!

  27. This sounds like the perfect portable booster! I definitely could have used a few of these when we visiting family last summer. I love how compact they are!

  28. This is great, so many times we are forced to use a restaurant’s booster that just looks so dirty. I have to clean myself with Lysol wipes just to feel good about using it. This would be the perfect answer to that problem. I’m getting one for me and my daughter. Thanks for sharing with us.

  29. My son always used to complain about the seat belt bothering his neck. I bet this would have really helped in that situation.

  30. This is pretty great if it conforms to the safety laws. It doesn’t look like it does much for enhancing the safety of a child though.

  31. That’s a great baby shower gift. I wish it was around when my son was little. Thank you for sharing!

  32. My Mother’d love to have this for her grandkids! She doesn’t want to buy a full car seat and they are just about old enough for a booster.

  33. This is so wonderful and an offers a great item for the grandparents when they want to care for the grandchildren but because of bad backs, cant lift heavy objects! This is perfect!

  34. These are so nice. I could use two of these for my car. So easy to use. Thank you so much for sharing

  35. Wow, this is an amazing idea! I’ll definitely keep it in mind for when my three little ones are old enough.

  36. OOOH I want these for my sister’s children. 3 children so far! I know they could each use this when they get to the age for boosters. My nephew who currently uses a booster gets very uncomfortable in it. This seems much safer.

  37. I like this idea. I’d like to read more about the safety features: the pros and cons to this device vs. a booster seat. The convenience is excellent, especially for parents who are having to switch from car to car. Is there a weight and height limit? Ages 4-12 is very diverse. It looks like an amazing product – so a little more research on the site will help and I’m sure it will satisfy a lot of questions.

  38. This would have been wonderful to have when my twins were little, as well. The convenience is amazing and would’ve saved a lot of tugging, lugging and heavy-lifting, which is my prior experience to other booster seats.

  39. Interesting booster seat idea. I don’t have kids, but would be interested if I did.

  40. These sound so nice. I will be getting these for my grandchildren. I love how safe and compact they are. Thank you again for sharing

  41. Growing up, the cars my family and friends’ families had didn’t even have seat belts in the back seat (my father paid to have them installed in the back seat on one of our cars). Front seats only had lap belts. No shoulder belts. Then again, cars were built more like tanks back then, but it was still not safe being in a vehicle without at least a seat belt. Safety devices have really helped and I love that even children can be totally safe in a vehicle that has restraints that are designed to protect adults. I wish they had something like this when my kids were younger.

  42. My grandson is at that size where a car seat is to small but the seat belt is aggravating him. I will be getting one of these devices.

  43. This is the ideal item for those that are getting in the stages of growing; we want to protect that important cargo

  44. What a wonderful idea! And I like that the child can take some responsibility in “owning” the seat – very confidence-building.

  45. These sound so nice. I love how safe, compact and easy to use these are. These would be great for my grandchildren

  46. I can’t wait to pick up a couple of these. Great for my family. Thank you again for sharing

  47. I love how simple and safe this booster seat it. I wish it was around when my grandchildren were little. It would have saved a lot of time when having to move it to another car.

  48. What a good way to keep kids safe in the car with this Mifold Grab N Go Booster Seat. It’s a lot more convenient and portable for kids ages 4 and up.

  49. I haven’t seen this before. It will make a nice gift for the parents of young ones in the family. Safety always has to come first, so this really is more of a necessity.

  50. We didn’t have boosters while I was growing up and I remember how uncomfortable long rides were because the best was always rubbing my neck. It makes a big difference when you are comfortable, not to mention safe.

  51. Let the child be responsible for toting this wherever needed. A great confidence-booster (he! he!).

  52. So awesome! This would have been helpful when my daughter was small. What kid wouldn’t love it

  53. These are so nice. I love how safe they are and easy to use. I love how portable these are. Thank you so much for sharing

  54. This looks like something I am going to soon need for my nephew. He loves going everywhere with me!

  55. This is great. I think there is a such a need for something like this and the convenience it provides.

  56. This is brilliant! I love how it operated in a completely different way from traditional booster seats. This seems much safer. And what a cute kiddo you have!

  57. Booster seats are so important. Kids just can’t go straight from carseats to sitting in the seats like adults. They just aren’t tall enough.

  58. (The mifold Grab-n-Go Booster) This is one great looking and compact looking car seat to have for the little one’s. This would be perfect for our five year old grandson for grandma’s car. ( I love it )

  59. This would be perfect for me to keep in the car! I’m the grandma now, so I don’t need to keep full size car seats. I also love that this is great for older kids who are no longer needing a “baby seat” but still need protection.

  60. I really love this. I love how small it is and how easy it is to install. I just wish there was something like this when my daughter was little.

  61. Such a nifty idea! There aren’t anymore babies in the family with the oldest 20 and the youngest 12. Wish this was around years ago!

  62. This alleviates so many issues. Safety, time, irritation. To save time and energy with such a simple solution with a great product- I know so many that need this!

  63. I haven’t seen this before either but I like it! I could see an older kid liking this better so they don’t feel like a little kid anymore.

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