My New Chandelier

Sometimes I buy things the I really don’t NEED.
This is an example:

I saw this and just HAD to have it.

Isn’t it pretty!

Where do you think I should hang it?  Maybe in the bedroom…nah – doesn’t match the feel in there.  How about in the bathroom?  I’ve wanted a chandelier over my spa tub, since we moved in, but still, this isn’t quite right for the space.  Okay, so I’m think’n office.  YEAH – my office.  Problem is that I wasn’t sure how to get it installed.  I asked my husband if he would do it, even though I knew that he was busy getting ready to head out of town for work.  Much to my surprise he said that he would get right to it. I was in the kitchen when he hollered at me to tell me that he was finished.  WHAT?  How the heck could he hang a chandelier in 2 minutes?  I came running waddling out to the great room, where I now have my office set up, and this is what I found.

Wait for it….

Wait for it….

Are you ready….

Is this cool or what?
It’s a Locker Chandelier from Locker Lookz.

Locker Lookz has the coolest line of products for girly girlz.  I might just have to buy a locker so that I can use all of them!

Just take a look at the things they have on their website.

Locker Wallpaper

Curtains and Valences (which they call toppers)


And, should one wish for practical items…

Accessory Bins


And  Dry Erase Boards

Put everything together and voila…

You can’t tell me that this isn’t the most wicked cute stuff that you’ve ever seen..can you?

Everything that they offer, is held on with magnets.  Brilliant.

BTW – I could not live with that big clamp holding up my chandelier, so I put on my thinking cap and used the sticky thingy that goes on 3M Command Hooks – can’t live without them either!

Gotta go straighten that frame in the photo above, that I just noticed is crooked – arrrrrgggggghhhhh.

Just so ya know – no company is paying me, nor have they given me any of the products mentioned in this post.  I just thought that they were so neat, that I had to share!


My New Chandelier

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  1. LOVE that chandelier…absolutely love it! And, my husband would do the SAME thing, that sneaky Pete.

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