First let me say that n-finiShape is da bomb!
Just how excited was I, when this arrived in the mail?

I was so excited that I just about wet my pants!
n-finiShape sent me a
Double V-neck Body Shaper Dress.
Oh yeah baby.
When I took it out of the box,
I think that my chin dropped down to my knees.
I thought “OMGosh – how in the world am I gonna squeeze my
big fat body into this tiny little thing?”

Folks – that book is just 8” from top to bottom
(shown placed sideways on the Body Shaper Dress).
I was in tears when my husband walked into our bedroom.
I blubbered “I’ll never be able to get myself into this.
I don’t know what to do!”
He gave me a hug and passed me the box of tissues, and said
“It’s gonna be okay.  Let’s give it a try.”
So with a heavy heart, I placed the Body Shaper Dress
over my head, and Steve began to tug.
I kept saying “Be careful, be careful, I don’t want to rip it!”
He kept saying “Just let me do this, it’s not going to rip!”

Well dang…it did and it didn’t.
It did fit!
It didn’t rip!
It smoothed out all my lumps and bumps
it was comfortable!!!!!!

I was so excited, that I forgot to have him take before and
after photos.  You see, I wanted the Body Shaper Dress
to wear under the dress that I was wearing to my
daughters wedding reception.   
n-finiShape, sent the Body Shaper Dress
to my best friend’s house in Florida.
She forgot to give me
the box when we first arrived.
I found it on the morning of the reception.
The whole household was moving at warp speed.
We needed to finish making some of the desserts, and then
drive to the city where the reception was being held.
We still had food to prepare (when we arrived at the church),
and needed to do the final touches on the
flowers and decorations.

I didn’t want to have to change yet again, so I kept my
Body Shaper Dress and Reception Outfit on.
It was going to be a long afternoon and evening.

I was so surprised at how comfortable I was.
The Body Shaper Dress never “rode up”.
You see, on the inside hem it has these
squiggly things that keep it in place.

I spent about 10 hours, dressed to the “9’s”.
Never once did I have to pull my n-finiShape Dress down!
Another great feature, is the wide straps.  They didn’t dig
into my shoulders…AND the underwires did not poke
me under the arms.

Since we forgot to take before and after photo’s of me in my
wedding reception outfit, I had Steve get some pics in
one of the dresses  that I wear to church.
Check out the fat rolls:-(

Before, you saw them…

Now you don’t!
It is so thrilling to look down, and not see a ripple
of lumps and bumps.

To read all about the n-fini Shape story, go HERE.
One of the great things about n-fini Shape, is that they have
PLUS Size Shapewear!

You can get:
Sports bras

Do you have trouble with varicose veins?
Go HERE to find out about varicose and
spider vein therapy products
for both women and men!

n-finiShape has so many exclusive features.
Go HERE to read what
Women’s World Daily, Good Day Tampa Bay
(Fox 13 news), and Casual Living
have to say about n-finiShape.

I could go on, and on, and on, about how impressed I am
with my n-finiShape Dress…but I think that
I’ve probably already got you WOWED.

Right now, you can get 10% off any order that you

place with n-finiShape.

If this isn’t enough…one very lucky
reader here at Libby’s Library,
is going to win a
$50 certificate applicable towards
any item on the n-finiShape site!
WooHoo…tell me how much ya love me!

Here are the Rules:
Contest open to residents of the USA.
To enter just become a fan on Facebook,
(Make sure that you tell them that Libby’s Library referred you
then come back here and let me know that you did.

For an extra entries:

+1 Follow n-finiShape on Twitter!
(Remember to give me a shout out:-)
+1 Become a new follower (leave me your name)
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Contest open to residents of the US only.
You must leave a separate comment for EACH entry.
(Maximum of 3 comments.)
You must leave a valid email address with each entry!

Giveaway ends at Noon Central Time
on January 18th, 2010



I received a Body Shaper Dress

from n-finiShape

free of charge,

specifically for the purpose

of an HONEST review.


n-finiShape / Review & Giveaway – WooHoo!!!

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