New Colors at

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Woop-Woop, there’s something to celebrate.  A new baby – our 26th grandchild was born last week.  And, there are:


New Colors at
On sale for $55 per set (Twin Dorm through California King Sizes) until October 31`st.

New babies are a joy and a blessing.  So little, so precious, and if we are honest, so demanding.  New parents need SLEEP and the best sheets that I can personally recommend are sheets from! Soft, breathable sheets in so many colors and sizes to choose from. They feel like 1500 thread count, but are light weight and so very easy to launder.  They dry in a flash.  Wrinkle and pill resistant.


The Original PeachSkinSheets® is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and features breathable, ultra-soft comfort bed sheets made from a high performance fabric with a PeachSkin finish. Great for hot sleepers due to its thermal control and moisture wicking properties, they also are anti-pill and wrinkle free. We pride ourselves on being a quality company with a quality product, and going the extra mile for our customers. We know that you will LOVE sleeping on The Original PeachSkinSheets® Softness!

These are the only sheets that we now sleep on.  They keep me wram and my husband cool.  They are so smooth and soft to the touch.  Every color we own blends in perfectly with our decor. Not sure which color or colors will work best for you?  No problem – there are now 19 colors to choose from and you can ORDER FREE SWATCHES . You will love the ease of making your bed.   Bottom sheet has elastic all the way around with 18″ pockets.  We have a double pillow top mattress with 2 additional mattress toppers and our sheets fit great!

Colors of the Month

Each month has sets on sale – this month, besides the new colors, buyers can choose from Classic White, Midnight Black and Harvest Gold (one of my favorite colors!).

Learn More and  Connect with PeachSkinSheets.comWebsite | Facebook | Twitter

New Colors at

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145 thoughts on “New Colors at

  1. I love these sheets so much! I have a set and it has held up perfectly to frequent washing and use.I want to get all of the colors,especially the eggplant.I will never use any other sheets,they are so soft!

  2. Congrats on your new grandchild! I really like the new yellow color, a cheery little bit of color with winter approaching.

  3. I love that they are hypoallergenic sheets. They look beautiful and soft – I really want to give them a try on our master bed!

  4. I keep hearing about PeachSkin sheets! I love the colors they offer. The fact that they help hot sleepers is what has me excited!!

  5. I have ordered a swatch earlier this year and was amazed at how soft it was! The color was so beautiful and vibrant also!

  6. I have seen the PeachSkin Sheets on other sites and they always tempt me. I would love to be able to afford high quality sheets that do not wrinkle or pill as much as the cheaper ones do. I love the midnight black color. It seems so luxurious.

  7. I keep hearing about these sheet and I so want to try them out. I also love all of the colors that they come in.

  8. It was about time for some new colors. Gotta love the ever expanding selection… now if only I could win a set of these.

  9. I’ve heard so many great things about Peach Skin Sheets. I love their new colors too! I think the color that my husband I can agree on would be black. I have gotten sample swatches before and honestly have never felt a softer material. It feels just like a peach skin!

  10. I love the fact that the sheets launder well and dry fast. The colors are so pretty too. I just started looking for new sheets and am glad I read your review. Nothing is worse than tossing and turning with insomnia on old, scratchy sheets.

  11. Yay congrats on the new Grandchild. I didn’t realize they run specials on different colors. Love the Graphite Gray color, but the Midnight Black is pretty awesome too.

  12. Thanks for running this’s my favorite of you bloggers do!
    Luxury a favorite treat ro myself that I love.
    There’s nothing better than a good nights SLEEP!
    I like their new colors..I haven’t order those swatches..yet,

  13. I’ve been seeing these sheets on quite a number of blogs. I’ve been wanting to try them from all the great reviews!

  14. Over the years, I’ve read a lot of good things about PeachSkin Sheets, mostly how soft they are. But I didn’t realize they had that temperature-regulating thing going for them, too! And those colors–so pretty.

  15. I like the lilac colored sheets! I am so happy that they finally have a true red color now and not only maroonish colored ones! I’d love a set of these!

  16. We love our PeachSkin sheets so much we usually just wash them and put them back on the bed, while our other sheets remain in the linen closet! Would love to gift a set to friends.

  17. I like that Peach Skin Sheets have Body Temperature and Moisture Management Properties…Warm Sleepers Stay Cool, Cool Sleepers Stay Warm

    I would like to get the Sage Green Peach Skin sheets in the Queen size

  18. I love all the different colors to choose from there is so much variety. I also love that right now they have 6 colors on sale.

  19. I heard about these sheets from a friend. After reading the review I’m going to have to buy some. I love that they are wrinkle & spill proof. The colors are cool too.

  20. I like that the sheets have elastic all the way around with 18″ pockets. And also that you can order free swatches and pick out the color you want.

  21. Wow! My sheets are falling apart, and I am looking for some great sheets at a reasonable price! These look amazing as well. They sound like something you should eat! ha!

  22. These look like awesome sheets. I love that they are more breathable than the traditional sheets. I have some major overheating issues when I sleep (thanks hormones), and a sheet set like this would be a great way to sleep better.

  23. These sheets look super soft and comfortable. I love the colors they offer. I also like taht they have moisture wicking properties.

  24. I loveall the coloes they offer. There is nothing nicer than new sheets and these sound simply amazing. I have heard very good things about this company.

  25. I can’t wait to get my free swatches. These have been on my radar for a while, but I never followed through with ordering the swatches! I really like Sage Green, Navy, Eggplant and Crimson Red.

  26. I am redoing my master bedroom and I would love a set of the lavender mist and sage green sheets. I love how soft they are and be perfect for my master bedroom.

  27. I ordered a swatch last year, and the sample was so soft! I really like the light blue color; it is so calming and would go well with my current bedroom decor.

  28. We have been wanting to try some of these for a long time. I especially like the Deep Crimson Red color.

  29. I am always on the lookout for sheets that are soft and comfortable. I do not want sheets that are rough. I feel these are a great way to get a good night sleep and such wonderful array of colors.

  30. These sheets sound amazing. We live in the desert in the horrible heat.. so I like that these are breathable. I have yet to find a sheet that we don’t end up kicking off in the summer lol

  31. It is difficult to find high quality sheets anymore unless your willing to pay a fortune. These sheets sound amazing.

  32. I do not (yet) own any of these sheets, but have put them on my wish list for Christmas. I like that they are as soft as 1500 count and pill resistant (hate when sheets pill – UGH!). Anyway, I also like the variety of colors. Thanks for sharing your site!

  33. I love the new harvest gold. It would go great with our comforter. My favorite color is light mocha though. I would love to try these, they look sooooooo soft!

  34. These sound like sheets i would like to own. I ordered swatches so i can feel the material and get a close up of the colors.

  35. Congrats on the birth of your newest grandchild. I keep hearing great things about these sheets. I like the Sage Green color.

  36. I usually buy good quality cotton sheets but don’t like the way they wrinkle. I’d love to try these non-wrinkle sheets in light mocha.

  37. The butter cream is beautiful. I really need new sheets, mine are all old and ugly. These look so soft and comfortable. I can’t wait to buy, maybe a christmas gift to me 😀

  38. I have heard so many amazing things about these sheets! They look (and the sample feels) so amazingly soft and the colors are so pretty. I need to save up and purchase a set to try!

  39. These sheets feel amazing. I’ve ordered a swatch and love they way they feel. I also really like all of the colors that they have. Thank you!

  40. These sound like they’d be great to have on a cool fall night. I love the harvest gold color. That’s definitely not an easy color to find , and would match well with my current bedding.

  41. I love elastic all the way around sheets! That’s the only way I’ve ever gotten sheets to stay on a bed. Also love the thought of sheets keeping me warm and my husband cool!

  42. I have previously ordered a swatch from this company. I love the feel of the material and the variety of colors to choose from .

  43. I would love to get some of these. I ordered a swatch before and they feel amazing. Such a great selection of colors too.

  44. I have heard that the peach skin sheets are really nice and very soft to sleep on. And they have so many colors to choose from.

  45. Peach Skin Sheets are so soft. I would love to own a set. The new colors are so pretty too; love the lavender and buttercup colors.

  46. The sheets look so soft & comfy! Love the variety of colors that they offer. Would love to try out these sheets!!!!

  47. I need these sheets since they help hot sleepers. I get hot in sheets and would love to try these out.

  48. I really like the new Lavender Mist colored sheets. I have not tried these sheets yet but they look and sound soft and comfortable.

  49. I have heard that these are awesome sheets but haven’t had a chance to try them.I think the Harvest Gold and the Buttercream colors are beautiful.

  50. I really like the Vanilla Bean colored sheets. Am due for a new pair of sheets on my bed, thanks for the contest !

  51. These sheets sound wonderful! I have always wanted some of these and after reading this review I am going to get some.

  52. I love that they are so soft. Softness is what I look for first in a sheet. I want to be comfortable, and don’t like stiff sheets.

  53. These sheets sound wonderful. I love the variety of colors they come in and that they’re affordable. The last sheets I bought were not so “affordable “. Lol… I would love to try this brand.

  54. These sheets sound great — I’d love a sheet that’s soft yet cool enough for summer. I like that there are so many colors from which to choose!

  55. These have a high threadcount so i imagine they are very soft. I sleep my best on really soft sheets. Thanks for a chance to win these.

  56. I learned alot from reading the review! I learned there are many different colors and the thread count is high, which makes for a better quality linen.

  57. I bought a set of sheets from them and they are amazing. I got the beach blue. I would love to get a pair of white.

  58. I live these sheets, they are amazing and hope up very well in the wash. I’m loving the new colors, especially the lavender mist color. That would go great with a lot of my room decor items. Love them!

  59. These sheets are so nice and I love the color selection available. I ordered the Mint Julep color swatch and they are so soft and the color is beautiful.

  60. The Lavender Mist is my favorite from the new collection. I already own a set of the Graphite Gray and would love to have the Beach Blue sheets.

  61. These sheets sound like they would be a dream to sleep on. I am having a bit more night sweats then normal, and maybe these will at the least make it more comfortable to be in bed.

  62. These sheets look amazing. I love that they help to keep you cool. With night time hot flashes it would be amazing to have sheets that do this.

  63. I love the colors that were chosen for the colors of the month. I would personally select the black set because it would go with my black and grey comforter.

  64. Everytime I see pictures of these sheets, I think how nice and pretty they like. They also appear soft and love they are wrinkle free.

  65. Gorgeous, and man do I need some new sheets. I adore the colors of the month, and I really like that they stay cool for hot sleepers like me.

  66. I want a Queen set of these sheets. I received samples from the company, and they are so nice that I’d have a problem getting out of bed each morning. Now that’s a nice problem!

  67. I love the new colors, and I would have to agree with you! I love harvest gold as well! I have heard so many great things about these sheets. I love that they offer such a huge variety of colors as well! I would love a couple of these!

  68. I have never experienced peach skin sheets. I’m considering giving them a try because of all the positive reviews I’ve read.

  69. I have a pair of these sheets in Sage green color I love them they are easy to take care of and feel great on your skin I would love to get another set someday soon.

  70. I’m really hopeful about owning a pair of these sheets in the near future. I requested some samples and really like the texture of the material.

  71. Harvest Gold looks Awesome, as well as the pictured light purple set. These sheets would be great. I would love to try them to see how the temperature plays with them in my home. Thanks for the chance to win and I hope you are blessed for your generosity. Good Luck Everyone!!!!

  72. I sent for the swatches several months ago and agree that the sheets feel amazing. I am also glad that they are adding new colors, although the Beach Blue is still my favorite.

  73. I haven’t purchased Peachskin sheets but I have ordered swatches and the fabric was soft. I would love to own a set.

  74. We need new bedding in the worst way. Ours is covered in dog hair! After reading this review this is something I definitely need in my life.

  75. these sheets look amazing. Ive been wanting to try them for a long time. they have so many pretty colors to choose from

  76. These sheets look and sound amazing. I love all the colors, such a nice selection. I have heard such wonderful things about how soft and wonderful these sheets feel to the touch.

  77. The sheets sound soft and comfortable. I like that they are antiwrinkle. My wife loves the variety of colors. She can coordinate them with decorating our bedroom.

  78. These sheets are awesome! My daughter has a set and I slept on them when I visited. They are so so soft. I love them!☺

  79. I’ve sent for a sample of these sheets and they are amazing. I always buy very soft and good quality sheets. I love a good mattress, soft sheets and a pillow you can sink your head into.

  80. PeachSkin Sheets use an amazing fabric: Athletic Grade Performance Fabric Wicks Away Moisture, and it is Anti-Microbial to Prevent Dust and Pollen from Adhering to Fabric !

  81. Their sheets are so soft and I love how they run a little bit bigger! I don’t have to worry about them coming off at the corners every night after I sleep!

  82. I have to upgrade my bedroom. I think the variety of colors available would do a lot to brighten up my room. However, I do not look just for color but also for comfort and I think these would fulfill both needs.

  83. I love the new colors! The lavender is such a soft color that would certainly look awesome in my room! And the Vanilla Bean is a great fall color. My favorite was Cotton Candy Pink but i think it might change now.

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