New Marijuana Extract: What You Should Know

The cannabis plant produces around 480 compounds, 66 of which are known as cannabinoids. Among the 66 cannabinoids, the most popular are THC and CBD (cannabidiol), which comprises about 40 per cent of the extracts from the cannabis plant. There are nine sub-classes of cannabinoids. THC cartridges like Skyhigh carts are available online as well.

New Marijuana Extract: What You Should Know

Man using CBD Oil - New Marijuana Extract: What You Should KnowDifference among cannabinoids

The degree of psychoactive compounds is the primary difference among the cannabinoids. CBD, and the latest to be introduced in the market, CBG, do not have the psychologically active elements. Other cannabinoids like THC and others (CBDL, CBN, etc.) all have psychoactive agents at varying levels.

In the processing of the compounds, the exposure of THC to the air and its oxidation leads to the formation of CBN.

What is cannabigerol?

Many of the compounds extracted from the cannabis plants are already identified and given their abbreviated names. Each of the identified ones has its specific effects. However, importantly, cannabigerol or CBG is the “stem cell” of all the other elements.

CBG does not intoxicate and has been identified as possessing important abilities to help the body positively and naturally. Heat, when applied to CBG, can produce either CBD or THC. Breeders of marijuana plants are helping the industry to create new strains that can provide a higher yield of CBG. Scientists, on the other hand, are trying to identify the right time to harvest the plants to get the highest level of CBG, which they can usefully extract. Today, marijuana plant breeders have to harvest young plants early to ensure the maximum yield of CBG.

Effects of CBG

The right processing method, through the application of heat to the acidic cannabinoids, produces non-acidic CBG, which provides many more medical benefits, as opposed to simply being produced to get you ”high”.

Possible applications

Studies show that CBG is a potent antimicrobial and antibacterial agent. What this means is that it can help protect the nervous system and the brain from inflammation and stress. Evaluations are on-going regarding its potential to treat genetic disorders. Researchers are excited about CBG oil’s possible to fight cancer, inflammatory conditions, and bladder spasms. In fact, CBG shows much promise to treat a multitude of diseases and illnesses and alleviate the suffering of millions of people.

Side effects of CBG

It has been shown that there are no side effects when you take CBG in therapeutic doses. You may experience some side effects when you take too much of it. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you buy¬†CBG oil. For example, one thing you should not do is to drink too much water at any given time, as it will dilute the CBG oil, which, in turn, will lower its medicinal effect.

The potential market for CBG products is enormous, and interest is already growing among consumers who are keen to try alternative remedies apart from traditional synthetic medications for the treatment of many of the aforementioned health conditions. With further research and greater awareness regarding the benefits of CBG products, the future looks bright!



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