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Well, here we go…our  second week on the Nutrisystem Program.



I really dreaded stepping on the scales, since I ate out several times last week.  One of our grandsons came to stay with us, which meant lots of being on the go, and eating at restaurants and fast food establishments.  Luckily I had my handy pocket “eating out guide” that was included in my first Nutrisystem shipment.  It helped me to make good choices while out and about.

The eating out guide includes specific menu items at a number of popular restaurants, along with suggestions on the best foods to pick at different types of restaurants (ie: salad bars, Italian, Mexican, Thai, seafood – breakfast, lunch, dinner – eat this, not that).

When I weighed myself this morning, I held my breath and then looked down.

After expecting a weight gain…Woo-Hoo, I lost another pound!

This gives me a lot of encouragement, as now I really know that I can live a “normal life” while on a defined eating plan.  With Nutrisystem, I was able eat my packaged Nutrisystem foods while at home, and make sensible decisions when eating out.  I did not, and do not have to feel deprived or left out.

NS Eating Out Guide
Nutrisystem Eating Out Guide


Here is what one of my lovely dinners looked like this week – Stuffed Shells

Nutrisystem Stuffed Shells

This weeks favorite selections:

Breakfast – Whole Grain O’s Cereal

Lunch – Red Beans and Rice

Dinner – Turkey Medalions

Dessert/Snack – Whole Grain Soft Pretzel


I just finished week two of Nutrisystem. Last week I was in New York helping out my sister and ended up not being able to get a ticket until a few days later than expected. So I have to admit that there were 3 days where I didn’t have the Nutrisystem food, but I made sure to just eat salad and veggies. But thankfully as soon as I got back home, I got right back on track. Even though I was not able to follow the plan strictly, I weighed  myself this morning, and I’m down 2 pounds!   I’m so glad it didn’t effect the weight loss.

So now just to talk a little about the food I’ve had in the past week.  There hasn’t been anything that I didn’ t like,  which is saying a lot for me! I especially like the pizza, and the chili. I also am a fan of the protein shakes. I have the chocolate and vanilla, but I’m hoping to get some of the coffee flavor soon, so I can try those! Other than the shakes, I  have pretty much only been drinking water, which, I think,  is making a huge difference in the way I feel. When it comes to exercise, I’ve been doing my workout videos. I haven’t been doing them as often as I should, but I’m hoping to get a gym membership soon, and once I have that, it’ll be more of a motivator to go throughout the week.

I’m so happy that I’m continuing with this and that it’s so much easier than I thought it would be. I still have a ways to go, but even being just 7 pounds down is making me feel better about myself. And in the end thats something I didn’t think was going to happen for me for a long time, so I’m beyond stoked that it’s finally happening for me now!

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Nutrisystem – Week 2 – Libby and Sonnie – #NSNation

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