Parasol Diapers Box # 2

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Hey Beauties! Time is flying by, and baby girl is already 5 months old! It doesn’t seem possible.  In a blink of an eye, she’ll be out of diapers! OK – who is a bit delusional?  This is just the beginning of the diaper journey for baby number 3. Luckily, to make the next year easier, Parasol Co covers all diaper changing needs.

Parasol Diapers
The diaper is just tutu cute to cover!

After a Second Month of  Parasol Diapers… Hooked!

First off, the wipes are amazing! They have a lovely fragrance, are soft, thick (cloth like) and gentle on baby’s skin. Cleaning up messes is quick and easy. Who else is a fan of these wipes?, have rated Parasol Wipes as their #1 choice out of 53 contenders.

The diapers, oh the diapers! Disposables that are very soft and absorbent, keeping moisture off of baby’s skin, thus helping little bums stay dry, clean and rash free. Also, no more soggy feeling bottoms. In between Parasol diaper boxes, it became necessary to use another popular diaper brands (due to the lack of preparation for a weekend trip).   They were soft, but the outside of the diaper would feel squishy as soon as it was the least bit wet. Not so with Parasol. Their diapers continue to feel dry on the exterior and interior, even when full. Woop-Woop!

About Parasol Diapers:

Softness, safety and eco-consciousness, all wrapped in beautiful design – we don’t just promise those things, we push the upper limit.

Parasol diapers are made with a specially developed, ultra-soft topsheet layer that truly comforts your child, while our smart Drylock® technology gives you excellent absorption without wasteful and uncomfortable bulk. It’s a thinner, luxuriously softer diaper that just performs better, and made with carefully sourced baby-safe ingredients.

Parasol Diapers
Monthly diaper and wipe subscriptions come with four giant packs of diapers. Three full size wipes and two travel packs of wipes.

Parasol diapers come in 6 modern designs perfect for both boys or girls and go up to size 6, which means that they grow with baby! Buyers can purchase as single packs or as a subscription (either diapers and wipes or just diapers). A nice feature of the subscriptions is that they are not set in stone and can be easily switched back and forth, as needed. The subscriptions can even be given as a gift, from 1 month to 12 months of diapers. Lets be honest, what new mom wouldn’t love a 12 month subscription of diapers and wipes?

From left to right: Delight Collection, Discover Collection, Dream Collection

Do Parasol diapers sound too good to be true? Would you like to see for yourself what all the fuss is about? It’s your lucky day! Parasol Co offers a Free Trial of 8 ultra-soft Parasol diapers in the Delight Collection, and a 20 count travel pack of all natural wipes. There is a $5 cost to cover shipping (but its so worth it!).

My favorite prints are the Delight Collection. Which prints are your favorite?

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Parasol Diapers Box # 2

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20 thoughts on “Parasol Diapers Box # 2

  1. These sound like amazing disposable diapers. No more babies here but I do know of some friends who can use this service

  2. I have not had the need for diapers for a very long time now. I do find these diapers to be very cute and I am sure after 30 years that the technology used in the production of diapers is much better for our environment than when I needed them

  3. Awesome! Almost makes me wish for a grandchild. And it’s great that they are eco friendly

  4. Now why couldn’t they have subscription boxes like this when I had my girls? Oh, well. If and/or when one of them makes me a grandmother, I can get these for them!

  5. My partner and I are planning to hand a baby soon. I love that they are eco friendly. The designs are so cute and really awesome they are delivered! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. They are so pretty and a subscription box… wow.. this is so great.. another thing i have to share with my son for the baby….

  7. They are adorable. I don’t have the need for them now, but I do want to check out their wipes. I use them and they are great when out doggie decides to go mud diving when we are on a trip. Thank you for the review.

  8. My daughter is expecting her 2nd baby at the end of December. This may be something she would be interested in. They’re so cute!

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