People say that dogs are man’s best friend. If you are a dog lover, your dog is probably much more than your best friend. Your dog is part of your family and therefore you will naturally be concerned about the well-being and happiness of your dog. Since you are, here are some products that are guaranteed to make your dog one hundred times happier.

Dog Coats

When it gets cold outside, a dog coat will help to keep your dog warm. Over and above this primary function, coats also make them look good. Dog coats are more suitable for aged dogs, puppies, dogs with medical conditions and dogs with little or short hair. This is because such dogs are more prone to being affected by the cold. Take a look at some winter coats for dogs that will interest you.

Dog Beds

If you do not like your dog sleeping with you on your own bed, probably for hygienic reasons or maybe your dog rolls over too much, get them their own bed. There are dog beds specifically designed for their comfort and that can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on where you want your dog to sleep. If you would have your dog sleeping indoors, you can get a dog crate and place it inside your bedroom wherein you will put your dog’s bed. This gives it a bedroom right there in your bedroom.

Dog Shoes

Although it may take your dog some time and energy to get used to wearing shoes, it will be ultimately worth the effort when it comes time to reap the benefits. For one, apart from giving your dog an element of style, shoes help to protect your dog’s paws from salt on sidewalks, freezing ice (especially if they have furry paws), chemicals used to melt snow, and hot pavements. Actually, their paws need to be protected from more than just the elements of weather. There are many other dangers out there, for example, sharp rocks and pesticides. Dog shoes also help to give your dog traction on slippery floors thus helping to keep them from slipping and falling or from struggling to maintain balance (although dogs do love to dance). Dog shoes are also advantageous for you.  They will help to keep your house clean because you will be able to remove your dog’s dirty shoes before allowing it into the house. Make sure that the shoes you get for your dog are comfortable and that they fit. You know how it is when your own shoe pinches you, right? The aim here is to make your dog happy and not angry.

Dog Swimming Pools

Many dogs love to swim but it is not wise to jump into your own swimming pool with them for a couple of reasons. One reason is that dogs are more sensitive to chlorine than human beings and it may thus affect their eyes, ears, nose and so on. The other reason is that dogs would produce more excretory material in a swimming pool than human beings, hence creating the need to have more chlorine in the pool. The two do not go together. What most people do is to get their dog their own swimming pool. You can, therefore, get a kiddie pool just for them. Remember to toss your dog’s toys into the pool to keep them engaged while they are in the water. You can also take your dog to a public dog swimming pool so that they can really, truly swim in deeper waters. Swimming helps to keep your dog healthy. It is one of the best forms of exercise for them.

Cooling Vests

When cold drinking water, a cool swim and looking for shade will not do on a hot summer day, cooling vests will help to keep your dog cool. They are good for use in hot climates and for heat-sensitive dogs. Most of the cooling vests work by soaking them in cold water and then putting them on your dog before you take it out. It is a perfect way to protect your dog from heat stroke!

Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are more comfortable than dog leashes especially if you are prone to tugging or pulling on your dog’s leash. With a harness, the pressure you put on your dog is no longer concentrated on one particular place on the neck unlike with the leash but is much rather distributed to the back and to the rest of its body. This makes walk times and play times safer and more enjoyable for your dog. Harnesses also give you more control over your dog.

Dog Food or Treat Dispenser Toys

These are both fun and useful, especially if your dog is active. They are fun for dogs plus they get to eat as they play. If your dog is generally mischievous or destructive, these toys will help to keep that active dog busy so that you can at least get the day’s chores done without too many distractions. Treat dispenser toys for dogs are recommended by trainers because they stimulate their mental faculties and help to divert unwanted behavior.

Dog Crates

Dog crates create for your dog their own territory in your house. The crates become spaces that they own in which they feel secure. Dog crates are designed to resemble dog dens, giving them a place to call home right there within your house. They provide safe and peaceful havens for your dog. They become places that they will love to retreat to when they need to hide away. Put your dog’s bed in the crate and remember to add some warm blankets and toss in your dog’s toys. Avoid putting food and water inside the crate.


People invest in what they love or value. No matter how frugal you may be, you will not feel the pinch when it comes to investing in your beloved pet. A happy dog makes for a happy dog owner. Why not put a smile on your dog’s face, and yours as well, by getting some of these products today?



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