Prepare Your Garden For Summer 2022

It is never too early to start preparing your garden for summer 2022. Here’s our ‘to-do’ list to make sure that your outdoor space is ready for that perfect summer season. Even if it is January and the last thing you want to do is go outside and do your gardening, it is still ideal for making sure your outdoor spaces are picture-perfect for summer. 

Prepare Your Garden For Summer

What Was Missing from Your Garden Last Summer?

What do you want your garden to give you this summer? Think about how often you have wished that your garden has some or other feature to make your life better over the past few summers. What does your garden need?

  • Somewhere to sit and enjoy coffee?
  • A patio?
  • Hot tub?
  • Privacy from neighboring properties?
  • Does the Lawn need De-weeding?

Make a list of what you need, and then you can get a budget and a plan. 

Upkeep Your Lawn

No one likes a lawn full of weeds. Our lawns have it tough over winter. Come spring, they may have bare patches or have developed areas of moss or weeds. But, if you still have a thin covering of grass, all is not lost – you can restore your Lawn to its former glory. One way to do so is lawn weed control. For example, mowing often reduces the chance that weeds go to seed and water your Lawn properly to keep it full and green. However, improper watering leads to drought stress and thins out a lawn opening the door to weeds!

Order Spring and Summer Flowering Seeds and Bulbs

The perfect way to beat the winter blues is to start choosing the seeds and bulbs you want to plant in the spring and summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck inside because it’s wet and windy outside; you can browse and buy flower seeds online. Ordering your seeds and bulbs now will put you in a good position for timely planting come spring and summer.

Add a New Feature 

If your garden is starting to feel a little bland, add a new feature to spruce it up. This could be anything from a water feature, a statue, new plants, or even an outdoor kitchen. It is essential to add something new and exciting to your garden so you don’t get bored. 


Lighting is essential if you want to create an inviting atmosphere in the evenings. Solar panel lights are a great look in the garden and an eco-friendly way to light up an outdoor space when the sun goes down.

Clean Up Garden Furniture and Decking

With some brighter, warmer days ahead, now is the perfect time to revive garden furniture and decking that has suffered over the winter months. Soapy water and a brush should be enough to bring grimy wooden furniture back to life; perfect for entertaining. Take this time to re-oil timber furniture to help it survive another season. Additionally, for a quick way to tackle the decking, break out the pressure washer.

Final Note

With winter thawing and summer coming, it is time to make use of that wild space for entertaining or just for you. 



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13 thoughts on “Prepare Your Garden For Summer 2022

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  • What a helpful post! I have a lot of work to do on my garden this year, haha.

  • I found this post to be really helpful, I can’t wait to start my garden.

  • It helps to be organised to ensure your garden looks its best. I’ve seen loads of bulbs in shops recently.

  • We can’t prepare our garden area until about April (thanks snow) but these are some great tips I will keep in mind.

  • These are easy ways to start preparing our gardens for this year’s summer. I need to start with the lawn

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  • I usually do most of these things in the spring. Great ideas.

  • This is beautiful garden. Looks perfect for summer. i will try to change my backyard for this summer.


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