Prepping The Garden

We all love to spruce up our gardens for each season, particularly in spring and summer. Whether you’re tidying up the flower beds or re-landscaping the whole garden, the satisfaction that you can get from looking after your garden is huge. But there are things to consider before going ahead on any gardening projects big or small.

Local Wildlife

Prepping The Garden

Whether you want to protect your plants from bugs or create a haven for all things that can live out there, you need to research it. Obviously, you will want to make any prevention techniques as humane as possible, so check out places like for some tips on how to get rid of unwanted creepy crawlies. Some of these preventions include attracting the right wildlife into your garden which balances it out a bit. Depending on where you live will depend on the type of creatures you could get in your garden. If you live near a forest you might want to invest in high fencing to keep any deer or more predatory animals out, and remember to keep any bins, even compost bins, closed up tight to stop raccoons and other scavengers having a feast.

Weather Warnings

Another thing to consider when planning your garden is to make sure you’re aware of any extreme weather conditions that are common in your area. Sometimes, if your area is prone to flooding, you might find that raising your garden or replacing the turf with gravel or paving slabs would help to minimise damage. It’s the same if you live within a hurricane zone; keep trees and bamboo trimmed and away from where they could cause a lot of damage.


Build your garden around your time and ability to maintain. If you create a tropical paradise but can only spend ten minutes a week on it, then it’s the wrong choice for you. have a great directory of low-maintenance plants that are perfect for your region. You can create a beautiful garden that will pretty much look after itself. Also, think about the time you can put in readying your garden for the colder weather. If you live in a region where you experience heavy frost or snow, then you’ll want to research the best way to prevent your plants from dying in the winter, and you can mix up your plants with winter blooms so that your garden is still alive in the colder months.


If you have pets, you might want to build the garden around them – having a nice big area for them to run around and play on is a great idea, just remember to clean up after them as they go so that your garden isn’t one big toilet. You might want to dedicate part of the garden to your pets by fencing off a section, or you can create a little rabbit corner for your outdoor pets. If you have rabbits or chickens or any other pet that will roam your garden, remember that they will nibble on your plants. For the most part, animals instinctively don’t touch plants that they are allergic to, but you will want to look into it just to make sure because you never know what Thumper is going to think is dinner.


Prepping The Garden

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