Preventing Roofing Problems With Clean Gutters

Gutters are part of the roof that plays a vital role in ensuring the snow and rainwater are directed away from the house. Some homeowners fail to clean their gutters regularly, leading to water entering their property or being retained. Such retention can cause rot to other housing materials and even attract bugs in your compound.

The best solution is to clean your gutters after every season. It will ensure debris will not accumulate and start rotting. According to Constructors 911 cleaning also helps prevent the growth of fungi and mold caused by water clogs.

How Do You Clean Gutters?

Gutter cleaning is not as complex as it may look. But also, it is not an activity most homeowners fancy. When cleaned after each season, it takes only a few hours to complete. If the gutters have been neglected for long, they take longer to clean. Here is how to wash them:

Get the Right Equipment

Get prepared for the cleaning process by ensuring you have the right equipment. If you will be doing it from the top, ensure you have an extendable ladder. It is safer than the step ladder, which is not stable on the ground. If you are doing it from the ground, a garden hose or a wet/dry vacuum will be required. 

A collecting bucket, spatula, and a pair of gloves will be needed for collecting debris while at the top.

Remove the Excess Debris

Wear your gloves and use the spatula to remove the excess dirt when working from the top. Gently scrape the sticky parts and put all the debris in the collection bucket. Once the dirt is clear, flush the gutters with clean water. Do not forget to wash the downspout too. Or, you can consult the professionals to do the job; click URL

Use a Garden Hose

If you are not confident about using a ladder while cleaning, a garden hose provides a safer option. But, if your house is taller than one story, consider seeking professional service providers. They have equipment that can reach gutters at higher positions.

Before you start cleaning, ensure you fit your hose with a strong spray nozzle. Once fitted, you can adjust the water to your desired pressure and start cleaning. It is recommendable to begin from the downspout end of the gutter and then back.

When using a garden hose, cleaning can be more involving because you will have to go through the wall rinsing. Water splashes and small leaves fall on the wall and sides of your gutters, which require rinsing once you are done.

Clean the Downspouts

These can take up the dirt to the gutters when left unclean. When cleaning these, ensure you put a cloth at the end of the downspout to avoid spreading the dirt to your garden. A power washer is an excellent option since it helps with removing build-up dirt.

Sometimes, it is hard to clean this part because of the elbow. This is where your downspout bends. For efficiency, consider unscrewing it and cleaning that part separately. It ensures you have got rid of all the dirt.

If you do not have a power washer, you can use a plumber’s snake. It has an adjustable length that you can add until it reaches the highest end. Brush the area gently until all the dirt is removed. Rinse it thoroughly using a pipe or a bucket of water. This cleaning method takes a bit longer than when using a power washer.

Screw back the elbow and get rid of the collected dirt. 

How to Maintain Your Gutters

Once you have cleaned them, you need to keep your gutter in good shape until the next cleaning time. Here is how:

Using gutter guards

These help collect leaves and other large debris, such as small twigs. They are placed on the gutters and prevent blockages caused by such debris. Gutter guards make the cleaning process easy since they are removed, brushed off, and the gutters rinsed with clean water to remove grit. The guards are then returned.

Using Gutter Aprons

These are installed at angles of 1200 and are fixed directly at the roof’s edge. They ensure water is directed to the gutters, which allows proper drainage. With gutter aprons, splashing that is common behind the gutter is prevented.

For your roof to serve you for a long time, consider keeping your gutters clean at all times. It is a DIY process that you can do whenever you feel ready, and the weather allows. 


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