Pup Light – Review

 I recently received a PupLight – and now I don’t know how I ever got by without it!
 Below, you will see one of my grandsons heading out with Gabe,
for his evening walk.
 Here they are coming back.
Brrr – baby it’s cold outside!
I’m so grateful that the boys are willing to help out,
but with the PupLight, I feel confident taking a walk
at night, because I am able to see the sidewalk clearly,
and avoid icy patches.

With the elastic collar – the PupLight is easy to slide on and off..
…and Gabe doesn’t seem to notice that he’s wearing it.
The light does not shine up into his eyes – it just illuminates
the area in front of him.
The on/off button is easy to manipulate,
even when wearing heavy gloves.
I’m thrilled with my PupLight, and so grateful that
I was sent one for this review.
Please head on over to PupLight, and check out all
the information that they provide.

This PupLight  isn’t just for convenience, 
it’s a safety measure,
that you shouldn’t be without!

I received a PupLight at no cost to me,
for the purpose of this review.
I’m truly thrilled with this product!

Pup Light – Review

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  1. What an absolutely practical, yet marvelous product!!! If I owned a dog, I would purchase one immediately, but alas, I am a cat person, and for her safety and my peace of mind, Katy Belle (aka Katy Brat) is an indoor cat. But I am thinking of posting this review on our community bulletin board!!

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