Quality Eyeglasses at a Great Savings with DiscountGlasses.com

Disclaimer:  Beautiful Touches received product from DiscountGlasses.com to facilitate this posting.  All OPINIONS stated are those of the author.

I don’t know about you, but I get sticker shock each year, when I go to the eye clinic.  Even with insurance the cost of a new pair of eyeglasses has skyrocketed.  I think that we paid over $400 out of pocket at our last visit, and that doesn’t include the exam.  And that is for each of us!  And no, I didn’t pick out expensive designer frames,  In fact, they were ones that were covered in full by our insurance, but the lenses, cost a bundle.

Thank goodness I’ve learned about DiscountGlasses.com!

DiscountGlasses.com – Their Story


DiscountGlasses.com is an online optical retailer dedicated to making the savviest shoppers look amazing. We spend our days curating affordable, trendy, top-quality eyewear for you and your family. And, as firm believers in living life to the fullest, we’re here to help you take a running leap outside of your personal style norm.

By providing competitive prices, DiscountGlasses.com gives you the ability to purchase multiple frames to show off whoever you are, or however you’re feeling, on any given day. You can go from one pair of glasses to multi-spectacled without breaking the bank.

We’re an upfront, no gimmicks, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of company that lets you leave your stifled spectacle zone and take on any persona you see fit. And, if your new specs get broken or you wander a bit too far from your style—return them. It’s on us.

Life’s short— mix it up.

I was recently given the opportunity to get a pair of glasses from DiscountGlasses.com.  I can honestly say that it was a very pleasant experience.  From start to finish the process was easy and resulted in a great pair of glasses that I’m really happy with.

Quality Eyeglasses at a Great Savings with DiscountGlasses.com
The shipment arrived well packaged. My glasses were in a sturdy case with a cleaning “wipe”. They even included a bottle of Lens Cleaner!

It’s all pretty straight forward.  First, decide what type of frames you’re interested in…eyeglasses, sunglasses or reading glasses. Then scroll through the large assortment available. They offer frames for women, men and kids with Virtual Try On option, should you wish. Once you’ve picked out the perfect pair, choose the type of lenses for them – single or progressive.  I wear progressive.  Fill in your lens prescription (more about his in the next paragraph). Next up, the lens package.  I asked for Anti-Reflective Coating, Roll & Polish Edge Finishing and Transition Progressives (since I hate switching from glasses to sunglasses and then back again).

Now, about getting a prescription…you might get a little resistance from the clinic where you see your optometrist.  They want to keep all their business in house if they can.  Don’t let them intimidate you.  YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO A COPY OF YOUR PRESCRIPTION! Simply ask nicely.  If they tell you they can’t give you a copy, take a deep breath, smile, look them square on and say “by law, you must give me a copy, and I’m happy to wait a few minutes while you make it for me”.  I would even go so far as to try on a few pairs at their office and ask for them to give you your PD (Papillary Distance).  If you don’t want to take this step, no worries.  DiscountGlasses.com has a handy little print out for you.  Just download the ruler, print it out, and it just a few seconds, you can determine it on your own. I totally forgot to ask for mine, and it worked just fine!

Total cost…less than half the price and I got my glasses in just over a week versus 3 weeks from the eye clinic.

Any downsides to ordering glasses online?  The only thing that you need to be aware of is fit.  If you need them adjusted, chances are, your’e going to have to do it yourself.  Most brick and mortar establishments will no longer adjust any glasses that they have not sold. I had no problem..  I simply gently…ever so gently, bent the ear pieces to fit.  I used my fingers, but you could also utilize a pair of cushioned jewelry pliers.  Of course – BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT THIS – please check with DiscountGlasses.com.  They may offer an adjustment service.  I didn’t ask, as I knew that I could do them myself, since my daughter-in-law showed me how.

I’m sold…I’m a happy camper…and I’m looking at maybe ordering another pair or two.  What do you think of these?

Quality Eyeglasses at a Great Savings with DiscountGlasses.com

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Quality Eyeglasses at a Great Savings with DiscountGlasses.com

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  1. since my daughter wears contacts AND glasses, a low priced option is always important for a spare pair or two of glasses for her. They have some colorful designs!

  2. I really like this site for Glasses. Checked it out several months ago looking for reading glasses.

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