Secure Your Home During the Summer

During the summer, your home can often be more vulnerable. You might open doors and windows more to let fresh air in and forgetting to close and lock them is easy. You might also decide to take a trip away, leaving your home empty while you’re visiting elsewhere. You should take extra care to keep your home safe and secure during the summer, whether you’re inside, outside, or not currently occupying your home at all. Take a look at the advice below to pick up some tips.

Secure Your Home During the Summer

Don’t Forget to Lock Up

During the summer, it’s tempting to have your windows and doors open. You might open up a window at night to let the cool air in or have your back door open during the day so it doesn’t get too hot indoors and you can see out into the garden. If you do this, it’s important to be very cautious. Make sure you lock any accessible windows at night so that no one can get in. Upstairs windows are probably fine to have open, but leaving them open downstairs could be bad news. If you’ve had exterior doors open during the day, be sure to close them at night.

Install Secure Screens

If you don’t feel completely safe having doors and windows open, even during the day, you don’t necessarily have to close them. Installing screens can allow the air to flow through your home but still keep you secure. A security fly screen mesh will not only protect you from intruders but will also keep out flies and other bugs. A robust mesh screen offers you the security that you need and is ideal for installing on both doors and windows. You can find fitted screens that are made to match any style of door or window.

Secure Your Home Keypad for alarm system

Put in a Home Alarm

For an extra layer of security during the summer, you might want to install a security alarm system. It can protect your home whether you’re inside, outdoors, or in the pool, or even if you’re away from home. There are various features you can consider to go with a home alarm too, from motion-sensor lights to smart features that allow you to check on things from your phone. An alarm can scare away potential intruders to help keep you and your home safe.

Be Careful When You Go Away

Are you planning to go away during the summer? Before you leave, you need to make sure your home is going to be secure. One idea might be to have someone come around to collect your mail, open and close curtains, or do other things to make it look like someone is home. You can also automate this if you turn your home into a smart home, turning the lights on and off and even controlling your curtains and blinds remotely. An alarm system is a good idea too, especially if it comes with a mobile app.

Be extra careful during the summer to secure your home, even if you have windows and doors open.

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