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Sensory Tag Blankets from Baby Jack and Company

Being a new parent can be hard. Going in, there are just so many things you end up worrying about without even realizing you would, like if the fart to baby ratio is normal (it probably is). My first week (read: month) after having my son I lost so much sleep just from worrying about whether or not he was still breathing. I still check and I still get a massive spike of anxiety when he’s in deep sleep and I can’t easily see that he’s still doing alright. Among new inquietudes, there lies the concern about what toys are SAFE to entertain my little one with. There are just so many things he can’t have with him while he’s so young and it’s a little distressing for both of us. He has a hungry, inquiring mind already and he’s still too small and too young to play with most toys designed for infants.

Sensory Tag Blankets from Baby Jack and Company
This is where Baby Jack & Company comes into play! I can say with complete confidence that Baby Jack’s Learning Lovey is exactly what I’ve been looking for all this time. These little blankets, also known as loveys, were created with the safety of our children in mind. Plush and entertaining, it works as something that is functional and enjoyable for our children; made with bright colors, and stimulating ribbons. Normally with ribbons incorporated into children’s toys, they aren’t sewn shut and poses a safety hazard for our dear little ones. Not to fear, though the Baby Jack Learning Loveys do have ribbons on them, the company is sure to take the time needed to close off these ribbons and keep those tiny fingers safe!

Sensory Tag Blankets from Baby Jack and Company

About Baby Jack and Company:

Inspired in 2011 when her own child got his finger stuck in a ribbon loop of a toy they owned, Kelley made it her mission to make safer toys for children. Now, not only are they safe but they are made with your Little One’s inquiring mind in mind! Baby Jack & Company keep their colors vibrant and their patterns educational, so you parents out there get a nice little twofer when you decide to support this family run business with your patronage: your children stay safe and entertained, and your mind can finally take five. Not only that, but when you give, BJ&Co. gives in kind and donates a Lovey to a child in need- truly a gift that keeps on giving!!

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Sensory Tag Blankets from Baby Jack and Company

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