Engagement Ring in couples Hands - Shaping Your Future in Unison: 7 Steps in Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is a big step in a relationship. It isn’t something to be jumped into lightly, and you want to make sure that when you propose your partner has an experience worth remembering. Take these seven steps to prepare for getting engaged.

Make Sure You’re Truly Compatible

Speak with your partner about their dreams and goals for the future and make sure that they are compatible with yours. It can also help to take a vacation together or live together for a while to see if there are any things that bother you about your partner that you hadn’t previously experienced. Talk about how many kids you want, parenting styles, and how you deal with money at the very least.

Start Investigating Your Partner’s Dream Proposal

Do a little investigating to find out what type of proposal your partner might like. Don’t plan something big and public if your partner is shy. Your partner may have a Pinterest board with ideas you could check out in secret or may have told friends what they would like. You might find out that they would love one of the new Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings, which could make it so you can purchase a larger ring for a more affordable price.

Plan Your Proposal

You want the proposal to be special and personal to you and your partner. However, you can get all sorts of inspiration and ideas online for proposals. Use these as a jumping-off point, perhaps integrating the place where you met or a favorite date spot in your plans. Don’t use any idea straight from the internet. You need to alter it to suit your situation and make sure it truly is personal and not at all generic.

Ask For Permission If You’re Traditional

Although not everyone takes this step these days, you may still want to ask your partner’s father or parents for permission before you pop the question. Just make sure they can keep a secret first. You may want to avoid asking if you think there’s a chance that they might say no.

Buy the Ring

Before you start shopping for a ring, figure out what type of ring you’re looking for and what your budget is. This will help narrow down your options at the store and make shopping easier. There’s no point in falling in love with a ring you can’t afford.

Set Up for the Proposal

The exact details for this step depend on what plan you’ve come up with. They could include making restaurant reservations or simply asking your significant other out for a date for the day and time in question. Think carefully about what you want to say when you propose, memorize what you come up with, and practice it so you don’t sound stilted or rehearsed on the big day.

Pop the Question

Finally, you need to implement your plan and pop the question. Many people still get down on one knee for this, but it isn’t necessary. Hopefully, your significant other will say yes and you’ll need to start planning your wedding.

With these seven simple steps, you can make sure that you propose in such a way that your significant other will be happy to recount the experience to anyone and everyone when they ask how you got engaged.


Shaping Your Future in Unison: 7 Steps in Getting Engaged

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